Classification and working principle of tubular separator

The tubular separator has two series of GF.GQ. Typical such as GQ series Chinese medicine clarified tubular separator. GF series oil-water separation type tubular separator.

GF-separation type: It is usually mainly used to separate various difficult-to-separate emulsions. It is especially suitable for liquid-liquid separation with a small difference in two-phase density (specific gravity difference greater than 0.1%). Liquid-liquid with a small amount of impurities - Solid three-phase separation. Oil separation. Transformer oil. Edible oil dehydration and dewaxing. Turbine oil. Biodiesel. Coal tar. Lubricating oil. Marine fuel oil. Quenching oil, separation of various syrups, all Blood separation - separation of plasma from whole blood. Blood cells, separation of biological products, separation of oil and water, sewage treatment, etc.

GQ-clarified tubular separator. It is mainly used to separate various suspensions that are difficult to separate. Especially suitable for low concentration, high viscosity, solid phase particles, solid-liquid separation with small difference in solid-liquid specific gravity. Due to the large sugar content of the Chinese medicine oral liquid, the floc is more. The solid phase particles are fine and the solid-liquid specific gravity difference is small. The separation of the impurities in the liquid is achieved by the machine. The clarification effect is achieved. Separated suspension. It is especially suitable for the concentration of small viscosity and large solid phase particles. Solid-liquid separation with small solid-liquid gravity