Broiler weight gain method

Addition of soyoil method In the 7 days before the sale of broilers, a little raw soybean oil is added to the chicken feed to make the broilers fattened. Add fat chicken powder method according to the dry ginger powder 20%, licorice powder 9%, fennel powder 7%, cinnamon 50%, cooked soybean powder 6%, iron sulfate 8% dose formulated into fat chicken powder, each chicken 0.5 ~ 1g, add water to the feed, feed once in 2 days. The addition of methionine added 4 grams of methionine per 5 kilograms of chicken feed and a small amount of microsatellite to feed the chicken, and the weight gain was faster. One chicken fed the cooked corn meal method was fed 200 grams of cooked corn flour every day, and was fed by artificial feeding in the morning, noon, and afternoon. It was better to add some cabbage leaves. The sterile fly maggot method uses distillers grains as a raw material to produce 500 grams of fresh fly maggots for feeding broilers, which can add 0.9 to 1 kg of weight. Three days after feeding, the multi-enzyme method chicks were fed with 0.04% polyacid tablets (grained and mixed) and fed for two weeks. Feeding Ai powder method in the broiler diet by adding 2% Ai powder, daily weight gain can be increased by 10% to 20%.

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