The main points of apple dwarf dense planting techniques

Dwarf dense planting is the use of artificial and chemical control methods to dwarf the tree, increase the number of planting trees per unit area, in order to significantly increase the yield. The management points of apple dwarf planting and cultivation are as follows:
1. Increase the planting density The dwarfing anvil grafted apple tree canopy is smaller in volume than the Qiaohua anvil grafted apple tree. The dwarfing apple tree yield per plant is lower than that of the Qiaohua stocking apple tree, so the dwarfing apple tree must be planted according to different Dwarf rootstocks and different types of short-stemmed varieties, appropriate increase in planting density, and reasonable close planting. For example, an M26 interstock apple tree can generally be planted with 80-100 per mu, M7 interstocked apple trees, and 50-60 mu per plant.
2. The tall tree-dwarf and dense planting apple trees that are not suitable for multi-branches have a high planting density, leading to the main contradiction that the tree has limited growth space, and the plants have too many branches and leaves, and the growth rate is too fast. Therefore, trunks should not be used when pruning and shaping. Sparsely shaped trees, with spindles, elongated spindles, or modified spindle trees. No matter which kind of spindle-shaped tree, its structural characteristics are main branch without side branch. When pruning the tree, pay attention to the size of the crown and try to increase the number of main branches. As the number of main branches increases and there are no side branches, the growth potential of the main branches must be prevented from being stronger than the growth potential of the central stem. Do not make the main branches of the tree grow and grow too thick so as not to affect the growth of the central stem. . The branches on each branch should be reduced. The method of pruning should be based on light shearing and less cutting. When pruning in winter, the main branches of young trees may not be cut.
3. Pay attention to the timely update of planting densities of rejuvenated dwarf dense planting apple trees, with more trees per plant and higher yield per unit area. However, the light conditions in the orchard are not as good as those of the Joe anvil tree plantation. Therefore, if the supply of fertilizer and water is slightly insufficient, the tree vigor is easily weakened. If the varieties are short-stemmed varieties, management can not keep up, and trees are more prone to premature aging. Due to the above reasons, after the tree enters the full fruit period, some of the trees bloom to the top, and special attention must be paid to the timely renewal of pruning. In the management of fertilizers and waters, nutrition and water supply must be guaranteed. When pruning, attention should be paid to adjusting the tree vigor to make it balanced. It is necessary to maintain the growth advantage of the center and delay aging, so as to extend the economic life of the tree.
4. Improve light conditions and enhance leaf photosynthetic efficiency Dwarf dense planting apple trees, many branches, many leaves, therefore, should take a variety of measures to improve light conditions, enhance leaf photosynthetic efficiency. To this end, winter shear should pay attention to sparse cuts, and sparse shears should be carried out in summer if necessary. Timely and appropriate adjustment of the tree structure to increase the effective leaf area factor should also reduce the shading from around the orchard. When constructing an orchard in a mountain area, it is necessary to build a garden in an open area in sunny areas. It is better to plant trees in the north and south rows and plant them in rectangles. The distance between rows is larger than the distance between the rows to extend the light time and enhance the photosynthetic efficiency. After proper thinning of branches and leaves, premature leaf decay or shedding should be prevented to ensure that the photosynthetic efficiency in the late growth stage is still good.



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