Harbin successfully nurtured a variety of outdoor flowers capable of wintering

Researchers at Harbin Academy of Agricultural Sciences have successfully cultivated more than 20 varieties of flowers that can be used outdoors for winter. These breeds can survive the cold winter and survive.
More than 20 kinds of perennial hardy flower species, such as “Phlox”, have been successfully researched by experts of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences after more than two years. These flowers not only have the characteristics of early flowering, long flowering period, and low temperature resistance, but also can survive at low temperatures in winter. Survival eliminates the inconvenience of replanting roadside flowers in cold areas year after year.
Researchers said that perennial flower refers to a flower plant with strong roots or rhizomes. After wintering, it can sprout again in the next spring. For the climate characteristics of cold regions, they first introduced a variety of perennial flowers, research and improvement, and eventually formed perennial flowers such as Phlox, Hemerocallis, and peony.
The flowering time of these flowers is about the end of April each year, a month earlier than the common varieties, and the flowering period is more than 8 months. Due to its advantages of strong adaptability, simple conservation and easy planting, it has already displayed a wide prospect of planting and market space.

Allium Giganteum

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