Ecological cultivation can reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases

In agricultural production, the role of mutual assistance and restraint among crops can be utilized to achieve the purpose of reducing the amount of pesticides. For example, at present, the use of pesticides in orchards is excessive, and the number of bees and butterflies is reduced during the flowering period of fruit trees. Some cabbages can be planted in the orchards because its nectar will attract bees and butterflies to fly, thereby promoting fruit tree pollination and results. It is also possible to plant trumpet in the orchard's pear and apple trees, and the sap from the roots of the fruit tree, which is secreted by the trollius, will also reduce the number of pests.
When growing green peppers, some garlic is grown by the way, which not only improves the quality of green peppers, but also increases the yield. When planting cucumbers and other sprawling crops, a few white radishes are planted next to them, and several mints are planted when growing leafy vegetables. When planting garlic, several onions can reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. If a single kind of carrot has more pests and diseases, and some fennel is planted at intervals, pests will not invade. However, after the fennel blossoms, it inhibits the growth of carrots. Therefore, the fennel must be removed before flowering. The occurrence of the same kind of vegetable pests is relatively high. If some spicy crops such as garlic, onion, and pepper are planted at a distance from the vegetable garden, the occurrence of pests and diseases can be significantly reduced.

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