Use oil to prevent four

The use of farm machinery in rural areas has become more and more extensive. There are more and more organic households. In the busy farming season, the operators have timely and convenient refueling and reduce the data on empty vehicles. They often store a certain amount of oil because of the poor rural equipment. In the storage and use, you must pay attention to safety, to do four defenses.
(1) Fire prevention. Prevent fire from approaching and keep away from fire, especially at night. Do not use bright light for lighting. The oil should be kept away from the kitchen and other fire sources for more than 15m, especially when the oil drums are scattered away from the window, under the chimney, and in places where sparks are easily generated, and the distance from the electric wires must be 12m away to prevent the electric wires from falling on the drums and causing sparks. Fire. In order to prevent lightning from catching fire, oil storage equipment should be far away from flammable stacks such as firewood. In order to avoid exposure to the sun, the oil stored outside should be covered with scaffolding such as asbestos.
(2) Anti-explosion. The oil can not be overfilled when filled with oil. The general oil loading does not exceed 85%, leaving sufficient room for expansion to prevent the oil pressure from rising due to thermal expansion and exploding.
(3) Anti-static electricity. When handling, avoid bumping. Use special tools when opening the lid of the drum. Iron can not be used to knock. Pour gasoline and gasoline can not be used plastic bucket to prevent electrostatic fire. Also prevent chemical fiber clothing from generating static sparks.
(4) Anti-poisoning. The oil has a certain degree of toxicity. Do not use oil from the tubing. In particular, leaded gasoline is more toxic, and should not be used to wash hands except for not using mouth to prevent damage to the skin. It is also not used to clean machine parts to avoid the formation of vapors that are inhaled. Frequent inhalation can cause harm to the human body.
Finally, it should be pointed out that to ensure the safety of oil use must have certain fire safety knowledge. To prepare for fire prevention facilities, prepare a fire extinguisher or sand box and other fire extinguishing tools. If a fire does not occur, do not use water to extinguish the fire. Spread the fire protection and cover it with sand.

Goji Berry is taken as one of the most famous plants, which can be both for medical and eating use. The history of goji berry up-picking and for eating use has a long history of 4000years in China. People from different social hierarchies, from the emperor to ordinary people, take goji berry as a good component of medical prescriptions. Goji berry enjoys a great popularity from ancient to modern times, at home and abroad and it has a long lasting and profound life preservation culture.

Ningxia Goji Berry enjoys a great fame around the global due to its high quality standard; meanwhile, it is the only protected product of geographical identity in China, goji berry has a great popularity describes as "goji berry of the world is in China, goji berry of China is in Ningxia and Ningxia`s goji berry is the best".lycium barbarum



Ningxia goji berry is categorized into 5 levels for experimental use. The fruit particles are required to have evenness in shape, with juicy fruit but not dry particle with impurities, humidity or bitten by insect.

Top Level:≤ 250grains/50g   

Excellent Level:≤ 280grains/50g

Superfine Level:≤ 370grains/50g  

First Rate:≤ 580grains/50g

Second Rate:≤ 900grains/50g


2. Identification


Color: The color of Ningxia goji berry should be red or dark red and lack luster.


Shape: Ningxia goji berry has big spindle size in shape with thin skin and full pulp. The particle is somewhat above normal size with style trace at the front of the particle and white stipe trace at the bottom.

Flavor: Ningxia goji berry is astringent at first bite then sweet, without ill-smell.

Goji Berry

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