Summer feed three kinds of bone meal should be careful

At the beginning of summer, it is a busy season for the growth and reproduction of many kinds of livestock and poultry. Adding enough bone meal, shell powder and other mineral feeds in livestock and poultry feed is necessary to give full play to the production capacity of livestock and poultry. However, some mineral feeds should be used with caution, such as sheep bone meal, raw bone meal, and coarse shell meal.
The sheep bone powder is hot and hot, and the livestock and poultry will easily get angry and even become inflamed after a lot of feeding. In particular, the more obese pregnant females, the more sheep bone powder fed will cause the chemical. Feeding laying hens with sheep bone meal will cause the temperature of the chicken body to rise, which is not conducive to the formation of egg shells and reduces the egg production rate.
The raw meal of bone meal is the bone meal that has been crushed and has been subjected to cooking without high pressure treatment. Bone meal contains more fat (oil), and it is highly prone to spoilage during high summer temperatures. In addition, the texture of raw bone meal is hard, and it is difficult for livestock and poultry to digest. The effect of feeding is extremely poor and calcium supplementation is not achieved.
Processing coarse shell powder can not feed livestock and poultry, especially can not be used to feed cows. The surface of the coarse shell powder is covered with a layer of chitin, which cannot be digested by the rumen of the cow. It will also be deposited and rubbed into the valve's stomach. Over time, it will cause digestive disorders and digestive diseases. When shell flour is used as a calcium supplement for livestock and poultry, it must be processed into fine powder and then fed. (Zheng Wen)

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