How to store food in summer

Wheat 1. Strict control of moisture: Because of its strong hygroscopicity, storage should pay attention to precipitation and moisture. Should take full advantage of the high temperature conditions of summer wheat harvest after exposure, so that wheat moisture control in 12.5% ​​or less, re-storage. After wheat is put into storage, measures should be taken to prevent moisture, and attention should be paid to moisture stratification and upper-layer “top-up” phenomenon that may occur during ripening. 2. High-temperature sealed storage: Wheat is stored hot and closed in closed storage, which is a traditional method of storing wheat in China. Through the sun, the water content of wheat can be reduced, and at the same time, the effect of high-temperature insecticidal and bacteriostatic treatment can be received during the process of exposure and storage. For the newly harvested wheat can promote the completion of postharvest. Due to the extermination of pests, the decrease of the water content and the amount of bacteria in wheat, the respiratory intensity is greatly reduced, and wheat can be safely stored for a long time. The specific operation method of wheat hot storage is: in the midsummer, choose sunny, high temperature weather, drying the wheat temperature to 50 or so, continue for more than 2 hours, the moisture dropped below 12.5%, and piled up around 3 pm , Hot and cold warehousing, bulk piles cover, the entire warehouse sealed, so that the grain temperature above 40 °C for 10 days or so, all the dead insects in the sun died. After reaching the goal, according to the circumstances, it can continue to be confined, or it can be turned into ventilation. Maize 1, sub-grade: points of different moisture warehousing. When corn is put into storage, it is necessary to separate the deposits according to different levels of water content and grades. Provide a preliminary basis for safe storage. Corn with high moisture content should be dried prior to storage. 2, corn ear storage: corn does not threshing, ear storage is a relatively mature experience, very widely used by our farmers. Because of the large internal porosity (up to 51.7%), good ventilation conditions and low temperature season, even though the high-moisture corn ear respiration is still very large, it can maintain the balance of thermal energy metabolism, and the temperature of the heap changes little. In the long-term ventilation conditions in winter and spring, corn can be gradually dried. When moisture falls to 14.5% to 15%, it can be threshed into the grain reservoir. Corn ear storage, grain embryo buried in the ear of the cob, there is a certain degree of protection against insect parasites. In addition, nutrients in the cob can still be transported to the grain in the early stage, increasing grain nutrients. Peanut 1 and peanut fruit storage: Peanut fruit can be stored in the warehouse or can be stored in open air. Water content should be controlled within 10%, and the pile height should not exceed 2 meters. 2, peanuts storage: The storage of peanuts should be a reasonable grasp of dry, low temperature, closed three links. For long-term storage of peanuts must be controlled within 8% of the water, the maximum stack temperature should not exceed 20 °C, and closed in a timely manner to prevent pest infection and the influence of external temperature and humidity, keep the heap low temperature, low humidity, the only way to better maintain peanuts The quality of benevolence. The peanuts can also be stored in a modified atmosphere. For example, in the case of a vacuum of 400 mm Hg, filling with an appropriate amount of nitrogen can inhibit the respiratory intensity and the erosion of the insects. In addition, peanuts are most susceptible to rodent damage in storage, and attention should be given to strengthening the rat-proof work.

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