Windrower supporting combine harvester

This machine is specialized in the sun-cutting work equipment for the rice harvesting in combination with the 3060, 3070 and 3080 type combine harvesters.
The machine consists of a frame, a transmission system, a cutting device, a conveying mechanism, and a reeling wheel. After removing the header assembly on the combine harvester, install it in the same way as the header assembly. In the harvesting operation, the cut rice is transported to the reeling roller at a speed of 45&ordm by three conveyor belts in different directions and at different rotating speeds; the inclined rice paving shop is placed in the rice paddy. on. Has a compact structure, easy installation and operation and good mobility.
The main technical parameters Dimensions mm 3000, 1 100, 980
Cutter round-trip frequency times/min 600
Conveyor speed r/min 500-700
Operating width cm 275
Shop width cm 120
Article thickness cm 5
Operating efficiency hm2/h 1.5 Clean the machine.
Excerpt from "Agricultural Machinery" 2005, 7 (Jiang Wen)

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Shaoxing Yellow Aged Wine

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