The overseason management of Four Seasons

The four seasons are suitable for warm and humid environments. It is most suitable for growth and flowering at about 25°C. Summer cool, slightly moist environment, ventilation is better, avoid strong sunlight.
Four seasons Haishu must be shaded and ventilated during the summer. From May to early June, sunny days, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm; from late June to August, during the summer high temperature season, strong sunlight, shading from 8 am to 5 pm, all day To cover the early departure. If you are indoors, doors and windows should be opened and ventilation should be strengthened. In September, shade is similar to May to June.
Watering in summer should be aware of the dry and wet conditions of the basin, and it should be suitable for wet and dry. It is better to be slightly moist. Too dry can easily cause wilting of leaves, and it is easy to make roots and fleshy stems rot. Dry and wet compared to dry not wet. Watering can be used for watering cans, and water can be pre-stored with clear water. Watering should be done before 9:00 in the morning. To master less than eight minutes, the principle of not watering and pouring will be poured.
In order to make the four seasons safer over the summer, professional training can place pots on indoor shelves. If sand beds are available, the pots will be placed on a sand bed and when the water is sprayed, the sand bed will be properly sprayed to maintain the air humidity and cooling effect. In addition, spraying water several times a day can have the same effect.
Fertilizer should be stopped in summer, otherwise it will cause tenderness of leaves, reduce resistance, and it is also prone to decay. However, in order to achieve the purpose of flowering, the spent flowers may be taken off after flowering and then applied with thin decomposed bean cake water or human feces and urea fertilizer. The ratio should be controlled at 1:5, once a week, and applied twice in succession. Leaves pods grow, and new flowers can be opened after about half a month.
For family cultivation, the plants can be placed on a cool, ventilated, slightly remote table. Watering can be done by placing a pot under the plant and placing a little water in the pot so that the plant slowly absorbs water from the pelvic floor. But do not put too much water in the basin, so as not to cause rot.
In short, as long as the shading is well-ventilated, the water is suitable for drying and drying, and the temperature is controlled within 30°C, the four seasons can grow robustly and bloom in summer.

Name: Roast Chicken Spicy Seasoning
Spec.: 150 g
Shelf life: 12 months
Ingredients: Vegetable oil, chili, bean paste, edible salt, ginger, garlic, chicken essence seasoning, msg, soy sauce, spices, white sugar, pepper, food additives and so on. Storage method: Normal temperature, avoid light storage, open the bag after refrigeration.

Chicken Seasoning

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