Autumn and winter management of colonies

The quality of bee colony management in autumn and winter is the key to determining whether bee colonies can safely pass winter, but also the basis for the development of bee colonies in the coming year and the level of output. As the saying goes: "The overwintering bees must be age-appropriate, and the honey-footed swarm must be kept quiet." This sentence summarizes the requirements of bee colonies for wintering, and also points out the conditions for bees to safely survive winter.
First, the cultivation of overwintering age-appropriate bee-age bee colony refers to the last batch of larvae who left the house in mid-October. This group of bees did not pass through the collection of fatigue, but also carried out a cool excretion flight, the body is robust, so called the age-appropriate bee group. In order to ensure the quantity and quality of school-age bee colonies, in the middle period of the last major source of honey bees, new kings with strong spawning power should be used to replace Lao Wang with weak spawning power, and appropriate thermal insulation and reward feeding should be used to promote the queen bees. spawning. In the process of cultivating overwintering-aged bees, it is necessary to maintain sufficient feed in the nest. Therefore, in the last nectar period, honey must be taken carelessly and not excessively, and it must be followed in accordance with the principle of less frequent work. Take less, ie, take honey no more than 1/3 at a time, to ensure that the bees are overwintering. The purpose of diligence is to allow the Queen to lay eggs.
In the case of adequate feed, the strong group is conducive to wintering. Generally speaking, a bee colony has 60% to 80% of age-appropriate bees, which can ensure safe wintering. However, the length of the winter months is not the same for bee colonies. If the wintering period is more than 4 months, the group must have more than 4 boxes. Wintering period of 2 months, 2 boxes can be overwinter. The beekeepers all over the country called the 5 to 15 boxes as strong groups, and the 2 to 3 boxes as weak groups. In order to ensure the safety of weak groups overwintering, often use a box of wintering groups, which can not only store the queen bee, but also can save feed, strong cold resistance, less dead bees, but also conducive to the recovery of bee colonies in spring.
2. Overwintering feeds for overwintering feed bees include capping, honey spleen, and powder spleen. Well-stocked overwintering feeds are important for wintering and early spring breeding of bee colonies. Generally, at least 1.5 kilograms of high quality feed honey should be allocated to each bee. The strong group can keep 2 kilograms of honey spleen per box, and also need to stock 1-2 spleen to prepare for early spring breeding. Some people think that bees have little activity in winter and they don't pay attention to stockpiled feeds. They can only feed some sugar water before wintering. This is wrong, and it often affects bee colony health and early spring breeding. In fact, the experienced beekeepers began to feed the bees for the winter through the summer. The first time the honey was taken, the spleen was evened out. The high-quality capping spleen of the non-dwelling hive was selected and left, and half of the spleen was chosen to remain in the mid-term (the middle part of the spleen is a vacant room, and the top and corners are covered honey) in preparation for the urgent needs of winter and spring.
III. Prevention of theft of bees and the prevention of theft of bees (1) Prevention of theft of bees to prevent theft of bees is a part of beekeeping that cannot be neglected. In particular, serious theft of bee-eaters in the autumn will result in serious losses and even result in total bee colonies. The destruction.
In the course of management, if worker bees are found fighting with each other and the ground is dead, bees exist, which means that there is already a stolen bee, which should be highly valued. If the bees on both sides of the beehive and behind the bee circle spirally, it shows that the stolen bee has broken through the line of defense. If you find that the bees on the abdomen are small and the bees are out of the box, it indicates that the beehive has been stolen. You must take immediate measures. The way to deal with the stolen bees is usually to shrink the nest door, paste boxes, smash smoke, and transfer beehives. If it is between the bee colonies of the apiary, the boxes should be scattered and concealed overnight.
In order to prevent the occurrence of the theft of bees, in the lack of time for honey, it is necessary to minimize the number and time of inspections of the beehive, and attention should be paid to reducing the gap between the nest door and the paste. The sugar water and honey sprinkled on the ground should be covered with soil. It is best to feed the bees at night, and the amount of each feed should not be too much. At the same time, the number of feeding bees should be reduced.
(II) Prevention and treatment of planthoppers The management of planthoppers should be conducted before the cultivation of overwintering bees in autumn. Usually, they must be controlled 3 to 5 times. The drugs used to treat warts are mostly fumigants and hygienic balls. Family beekeeping can also use tobacco lime mixture to control lice damage.
4. The timely arrest of the King's Prisoners in a planned and timely manner is an effective measure to cultivate age-appropriate bees, control the group potential and save feed. In the late fall and early winter period, timely prisoners can maintain the wintering population and the physiological youth of the bees and bees.
The times and methods of the prisoners vary from place to place. The time of imprisonment in the area north of the Huaihe River is usually around September 20. The method is to imprison the queen bee in a cage of 531.5 cm in diameter to promote the cessation of production.
Matters needing attention during the suspension of production of prisoners:
First, between the flowering period and the flowering period, the time for the prisoner to suspend production should not be too long, otherwise it will affect the cultivation of the collected bees at the next flowering period.
Second, starting from the actual purpose of the production and the strength of the bee colony, it should be based on the conditions of the land and groups.
Third, the practice of suspending production by prisoners can only be used in strong groups, or in the case of two long flowering periods.
Fourth, when giving birth to the king, it is necessary to tighten the spleen first to make the bee slightly more than the spleen. At the same time, the king was fed and fed 0.25 kg of syrup per day until it was covered.
Fifth, the king is placed in the middle or lower part of the beehive to facilitate ventilation in the summer and agglomeration in the winter. During the wintering period, the prisoners must pay special attention to heat preservation and prevent the bee colony from freezing into the queen bee due to sudden drop in outside air temperature or insufficient feed.

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