Combine harvester out of accident how to apply for insurance claim

For a variety of reasons, safety accidents occur in harvester operations. In order to protect the interests of agricultural users, most harvester manufacturers purchase vehicle insurance for their products. If a user accidentally uses the vehicle, he/she may report and claim according to certain procedures. Therefore, it is necessary for users to learn and master report and claim procedures.

At present, almost all manufacturers have insurance. Taking the Dongfanghong 4LZ-2.5 self-propelled grain combine harvester as an example, the process of claim processing after the user's car insurance is described.

1. Dongfanghong 4LZ-2.5 combine harvester has purchased 3 types of vehicle damage insurance, third party liability insurance and vehicle occupant liability insurance. The first two are basic risks, and the latter one is additional risks.

Car damage insurance refers to collision, overturning, fire, explosion, the collapse of external objects, falling objects in the air, falling in parallel, lightning strikes, storms, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, tsunamis, subsidences, ice traps, cliff collapses, avalanches. , Disaster relief, mudslides, landslides, and ferries carrying insurance vehicles are subject to natural disasters and other causes of the loss of the insurance vehicle (refers to the vehicle with the driver's car), the insurance company is responsible for compensation: but the natural wear and failure of the vehicle, Damage to tires, spontaneous combustion, and accidents caused by insurance accidents without continued repair resulting in continued damage caused by damage caused by damage to the vehicle, damage to the untrained vehicle or towing by the vehicle, driver’s non-driver’s license, or damage caused by drink and drug driving Both are in the vehicle damage insurance exemption range, will not be paid.

The third party liability insurance refers to the accidental accidents caused by the qualified driver of the insured during the use of the insurance vehicle, resulting in the third party being subject to personal injury or death or direct damage to the property. The amount of compensation that should be paid to the insured according to law; Damages caused by driving or casualties or property damage and related mental damages involving victims are exempted from compensation.

Crew occupant liability insurance refers to the accidental accident caused by the motor vehicle in the car caused by personal injury or death, according to the law should be the responsibility of the insured and the insured person to reduce damage and to pay the necessary and reasonable protection and protection costs. The insurance company's liability for risks within the above insurance coverage shall be paid after deducting part of the expenses for the deductible rate.

2. After the user is out of danger and is a single party accident, the user should first protect the site and report the case to the local branch of the Chinese People's Insurance Company. After a local company sends a site survey, it fills in the damage statement (or list of repair items) and signs and stamps it. In case of accidents involving both parties or parties, the user shall also immediately protect the scene and report the case to the local public security traffic police accident handling department, which shall issue an accident certificate and a certificate of accident responsibility and mediation. The report must be fast, with no more than 48 hours.

3. Users must prepare purchase invoices, insurance orders, damages (repair list) or accident liability confirmation and conciliation documents and other relevant information, and then personally go to the policy to show the insurance company's city office where the claim is handled. After being approved by the insured company and confirmed by both parties, the insurance company shall issue a notice of the user's payment and make a payment and settlement within 10 days.

4. Indemnity provisions at the time of payment. All three kinds of insurance are absolutely deductible, unilateral accidents, and the exemption rate is 20%. If the user is responsible for the major responsibility in accidents on both sides, the exemption rate is 15%: if the user is responsible for the same liability, the exemption rate is 10%; if the user is responsible for the secondary responsibility, the exemption rate is 5%.

In general, after the user is out of danger, the protection of the site must be timely and adequate. After the related departments survey and determine the damage, the responsibility of the accident is clear, and the user can enter the claim stage. Insurance companies generally provide reasonable compensation for accidents that fall within the scope of insurance coverage. The user's ability to learn the claims process will greatly facilitate the quick and effective processing of claims.

Manufacturers are insured based on the purpose of solving risks and serving users. Therefore, when purchasing, the user must pay attention to the insurance products of each manufacturer and the scope of insurance coverage and the scope of exemption for each type of insurance. In this way, the claims will be known, and the success rate will be increased. As a user of the harvester, investment management Non-market risks can be greatly reduced.

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