Erythritol widely used in the food industry

Erythritol is a new type of natural sweetener that can be used in functional foods to bring good taste and give people a wonderful taste. Erythritol is a white crystal obtained from the fermentation of glucose. It has a sweetness and its sweetness is 70% to 80% of sucrose. Erythritol is widely distributed in nature, such as fruits, mushrooms and lichens. In addition, it also exists in fermented foods and mammals, and is a natural sugar. Erythritol is a new natural non-caloric sweetener that does not cause obesity, fermentation, and tooth decay. Therefore, it can be used synergistically with other sweeteners. In addition, erythritol is also a sweetener that does not cause blood sugar reactions and is resistant to oxidation.
Since erythritol has good characteristics, it has a wide application prospect in the food industry and is currently favored in the international market.
1. New Condiments In recent years, the Chinese condiment market has been surging, and foreign companies have been rushing to the Chinese market. Foreign capital has created an upsurge of backdoor listing. Wei Xiangyun, president of the China Condiment Association, believes that domestic condiment companies have been very well-trained in the market and have formed a number of well-known national brands, such as Foshan Haitian and Jiangsu Hengshun. It is estimated that 5 years~ Within 10 years, the dominant corporate structure of domestic capital will not change. In the western regions, such as Xinjiang Xiaochu and Lanzhou Xiaoerhei, the output of condiments reached more than 10,000 tons in the past two years. It is expected that in the next few years, it will be the “Warring States” era of the Chinese condiment industry.
Domestic and international production of seasonings has not changed much. The key is the selection of product development and product ingredients, including functional ingredients such as lycopene, oligosaccharides, erythritol, and xylitol. And so on have become the focus of attention of some companies. There is no contradiction in the use of these functional ingredients, and it will not have an adverse effect on the original technology. In particular, some high-end markets are also the stage for their free development. The development of functional condiments is an inevitable trend of development. “One stroke is fresh, eat all over the sky”, the development of new functional condiment will play an important role for the enterprise to stand in the fierce market competition.
2. Tableting products There are still many areas for improvement in the domestic tableting process, especially the selection of raw materials requires careful selection, and erythritol is becoming more and more apparent in tableting due to its excellent properties. Its superior processing performance.
Whether it is a freeze-drying process, a solid solution process, or a spray drying process, it is necessary to prepare a skeleton material having a certain hardness, fast dissolubility, and beautiful appearance. Because erythritol is a crystalline product of fermentation products, it has a high hardness, a small molecular weight, and a good fast-dissolving property. It can be used as a good skeleton raw material, and because of its relatively large heat of dissolution, erythritol can absorb 175.8 J/g when dissolved. The heat will bring refreshing comfort to the mouth and it can also be used as a cooling agent.
It is because erythritol has a good sweetness and high heat of dissolution, as well as good formability and non-toxic side effects, and the functional substances in medicines and health products are stirred and pressed together under anhydrous conditions. Tablets can mask the bad taste of functional substances such as bitterness and astringency, and erythritol has poor moisture absorption and is not easily hygroscopic even in an environment of relative humidity of 90%. These other sugar alcohol products have unparalleled excellent performance and can Solve the contradiction between hygroscopicity and filming during tableting. Therefore, it is a good flavoring agent, additive and excipient in the pharmaceutical and health products industry.
The oral quick-dissolving tablet made by adding erythritol has the characteristics of convenient packaging, easy to carry and eat, and is an excellent product integrating health, leisure and fashion. This new type of oral tablet takes advantage of its unique advantages in the health care products, pharmaceutical industry accounted for the business opportunities.
3. Infant and child foods For infants and young children, the selection and use of sweeteners in foods is particularly important. Because infants and young children have very different taste perceptions from adults, their taste buds are just beginning to develop, and their taste response and adaptability are also weak. At this time, they should be given natural, non-irritating and non-irritating sweeteners. To meet their needs for taste; in addition to their demand for calories is also limited, just enough, not too much.
The taste of erythritol is similar to sucrose, mild and pure, and there is no calorie. It is particularly prominent for the control of calories in infants and young children. Its special metabolic pathways will not increase the burden on the child's metabolic system. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of children's food, the packaging requirements for the products are extremely strict, and erythritol has a very low hygroscopicity and good processing characteristics. For the production enterprises, the packaging and production costs have different degrees of To reduce, its production and use methods are relatively simple (similar to sucrose) and will not increase the burden on the company's production process.
4. Snack Food Snack food has developed rapidly in recent years in China. The diversity of product innovation and packaging changes is the key to the development of snack foods. Erythritol has absolutely zero calories, a good mouth feel (entry cool, mild and pure), extremely low moisture absorption (which can reduce packaging costs), good processing characteristics and tolerance, so it is used as a new type of leisure Food ingredients have attracted people's attention from the beginning with their noble quality and functionality.
5. The appearance of unsweetened chocolate functional sweeteners can completely or partially replace sucrose, making it a reality to have sucrose-free foods that have pleasant sweetness and no adverse effects on health. However, most of the functional sweeteners currently have relatively high hygroscopicity, resulting in blooming of chocolates that do not meet the requirements of chocolate production.
Erythritol can completely change the technical problems existing in the production of sugar-free chocolates. Erythritol is low in hygroscopicity and can be easily crushed to a fine powdered product (the more finely the sugar is required for chocolate production, the better). It is used to produce sugar-free chocolate, which is operated in the same way as sucrose, during the manufacturing process and the quality of the finished product is calibrated. There will be no problem of blooming due to moisture absorption.
Since erythritol can be used in combination with other sweeteners, the resulting chocolate is as good as sucrose products in terms of food texture, flavor, and texture, and has been used in the production of sugar-free candies and other sugar-free low-energy foods abroad. It is also permitted as a thinner and tabletop sweetener for high-intensity sweeteners, as well as beverages, cookies, wafers, soft and hard candies, chewing gum, and cream-based sandwiches and skins that are based on fat. Erythritol absorbs more energy when dissolved in water, and has a cool mouthfeel characteristic when eaten. According to this feature, it can be made into a cool, non-corrosive, non-corrosive, sugar-free chocolate.
6. Effervescent tablet erythritol effervescent tablet has four characteristics: (1) Effervescent agent with erythritol as the functional ingredient is based on the excellent efficacy of erythritol. View, bioavailability, preservation, use, and convenience are all good effervescent agents. 2 can be developed in the form of ordinary food, but also in the form of health products. 3 can be effervescent tablets, effervescent tablets, dry tablets (chewing in the mouth with effervescent effects). 4 The preparation process is simple, and erythritol is formulated with effervescent disintegrant (citric acid, sodium bicarbonate) and other auxiliary materials.
Since erythritol has excellent compressibility, flowability, sweetness, instant solubility, and stability, it can be directly compressed without excipients such as sweeteners, fillers, and adhesives. The active ingredient content is high, the mouthfeel is good, the quick dissolubility is good, the clarity of the solution is high, and the hygroscopicity is extremely low; at the same time, erythritol absorbs heat when dissolved in water, and has a pleasant cooling sensation.

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