Feeding Management of Adult Fish after White Dew

After the white dew exposure, the fish disease gradually decreased, and the adult fish entered a vigorous growth stage. Grasping the feeding and management during this period was of great significance for capturing the harvest of the fishery.
one. Timely feeding of bait: During this period, the water temperature is appropriate, fish metabolism is strong, appetite is soaring, and a lot of feeding is needed. The general principle is that as long as the fish can eat it, we must feed more properly. From the end of September to the end of October, the amount of grass fed should account for about 20% of the total amount of feed for the whole year, fine material for more than 30%, and shellfish for more than 40%. If grass and shellfish resources are insufficient, they can feed more concentrates to make them full, long, and long.
two. Adhere to the "four determinants" feeding: bait requires fresh palatability, but also should adhere to timing, fixed-point, qualitative, quantitative feeding according to the water quality, weather and fish activities. Reasonably adjust the amount of feed, so that the fish eat, eat well, and fully improve the utilization of bait.
three. Keep the water fresh: During this time, a lot of feeding, fish metabolism, excreta, water quality is easy to deteriorate. Therefore, we must take effective measures to improve water quality management, regularly add fresh water, use oxygen aerators, etc. (The number of water additions and the amount of water added depend on the condition of the water quality, and oxygen should be turned on at noon during the sunny day) so as to keep the water in the pools fat. Live, tender and cool, the dissolved oxygen is above 5 mg/L, which provides a good ecological condition for the later growth of fish.
four. Do a good job in day-to-day management: Stick to the early morning, middle, and evening trips three times a day and find that the fish floating head and other abnormal phenomena should take immediate measures. The remaining bait and fish floating on the water surface should be promptly removed to keep the fish pond clean. In addition, we must also do a good job in the records of fish pond management and accumulate information in order to improve breeding techniques.

Medicinal value of Lycium barbarum
[alias] Gou Qi, Lycium barbarum, sweet vegetable, Western wolfberry, dog milk, red green pepper, wolfberry fruit, Chinese wolfberry fruit, Chinese wolfberry, wolfberry, wolfberry, Lycium barbarum, blood barbarum, Lycium barbarum.
The dried fruits of Lycium barbarum, Ningxia, were harvested when the fruits of summer and autumn were red in two seasons. Hot wind dried, removed the stems, or dried to the skin, dried and removed the stems. Raw.
[Processing] Purify impurities and remove residual stalks and pedicels. "Compendium": Where the use of wolfberry, pick out branches, take clear-cut washing, liquor moistened overnight, mashed into medicine.
[sexual taste] Gan, Ping
To the liver and the renal meridian.
The function is to nourish the liver and kidney and enrich the eyes.

[Application] For liver and kidney yin deficiency syndrome, this product can be used in all kinds of liver and kidney yin deficiency syndrome.

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