New tractor use

Prior to use, the new tractor should do the following five aspects of the work, which is an important measure to ensure the normal operation of the tractor and prolong its service life.

The tightening of the connecting parts of the tractors is factory-tested, but during the repeated transfer process, the machine is inevitably loosened. For this purpose, various fasteners and fasteners should be tightened in time, especially the steering system, brake system, suspension, and wheels.

Checking the liquid level is mainly the fuel tank oil level, water tank surface, transmission and rear axle lubricant oil level, and the battery electrolyte level. When it is found that the liquid level is insufficient, the liquid material should be added in time.

Check the engine oil should mainly check the following: The amount of oil in the sump should not be less than the underline of the oil ruler; for example, the tractor is shipped from the factory in summer, and when it is bought in winter, it should be replaced with the engine oil in winter. Vice versa; switchover of oil filters on large tractors should be carried out on a “summer” or “winter” basis depending on the season or temperature; some manufacturers avoid the use of oil bath air filters in oil pans. The oil spilled out of the vehicle during the transfer process and was not added at the factory. Pay attention to adding oil after buying it.

Run-in is to make the new machine's rotation speed from low to high, load from small to large, through the gradual operation process, the gear, shaft and other friction surface grinding marks become more seamless. Running-in has an important effect on prolonging the service life of the parts. Do not neglect the running-in process and neglect the running-in process. Otherwise, the machine will be damaged due to minor loss.

After buying the new tractor on the household market, they should bring the documents such as purchase invoices, certificates of conformity, and instruction manuals within 3 months, and go through the formalities of the households with the agricultural machinery, levy and other departments. It is an illegal act to drive an unlicensed vehicle on the road and it is punished.

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