The New Technology of Taking Incense from Muskrat

Farm musk rat has been in our country for more than ten years, but there are few real professional farms. The science of scientific rearing and scientific management has not been mastered by the majority of farmers, resulting in the fertility rate and yield of muskrats. The rate of bred and survival, as well as the amount of scent of musk rat are affected, which makes the musk rat breeding industry in China develop slowly, resulting in the tightness of musk rat products. China's muskrat breeding base after years of breeding, in-depth scientific research, the establishment of 10,000 pairs of musk deer species base, from the practical experience summed up a musk rat breeding and supporting technology. The standards of the musk rat breeding will promote the development of the musk rat breeding industry. In addition, the mechanism of the musk rat's secretion will be used to control the development of musk mice and the mechanism of the secretion of the musk mice to provide high-quality aroma sources for the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries. To meet market demand.
Musk secreted by musk rat, also known as the musk scent, is mainly secreted by the fragrant gland tissue of musk rat. The development of the fragrant glands is divided into two periods: the secretory phase and the non-secreative phase. In the secretory phase, the secretory phase is divided into the secretory phase and the secretory phase. The secretory phase of the secretory phase is from 2 to 7 months. 8-10 months. Fragile glands and aroma glands develop during the entire non-secretion period. 2 months before the development of the glands. The development of the fragrant glands shows a clear and periodic pattern of change. Testosterone plays an important role in regulating the development and secretion of fragrant glands. The development of fragrant glands is mainly regulated by plasma testosterone. During the early development of fragrant glands, the level of testosterone in plasma rises sharply, resulting in the development of fragrant glands. After the month, testosterone levels began to decline, and the glands also entered atrophy. From January to October and October to November, testosterone levels are directly proportional to the development and atrophy of the fragrant glands. Testosterone is an important biochemical basis for the development and secretion of fragrant glands. Testosterone can induce the development of the non-lipogenetic period fragrant glands of muskrats. The application of testosterone can regulate the normal secretion of fragrant glands of muskrats, and can successfully induce the development and sustained secretion of fragrant glands of musk mice during each induction period. Aroma volume up to 3 grams. The dynamics of the synthesis, storage, secretion and subcellular structure changes of musk scented musk scent. The musk scented musk scented rat is a re-inflated bubble-like gland, a sub-apical gland, and a deodorant tube. The secretion of squirrel-scented aroma is apical secretion. The dynamic process of apical secretion is that the squirrel scent is synthesized in the glandular cells and stored in the cytoplasm. As the secretion increases, it gradually migrates to the surface of the cell, protrudes, and detaches from the cells together with some cell membranes and cytoplasm. After secretion of the appressor, the glandular cells were repaired again under the action of organelles, and the squirrel scent was repeatedly produced and secreted. The secretory glands of the glandular cells secrete the periodical secretion pattern and proceed cyclically. The use of high-tech means to raise and control Muskrat rats, scientifically improve the amount of Musk's secretion of scent, so that Musk-Smooth's extension of the aroma of the extended period of incense to increase more than 50%.
The main chemical constituents and fragrance molecules of Mole-in-a-Mouse were detected from benzene extracts with 33 components, 3 of which are alkane and alcohol compounds, 1 of each of fatty acid and cholesterol, and the remaining 29 are cyclic ketone compounds, and there are even numbers. Fatty acids produce odd-numbered macrocyclic ketone compounds. Muskratis fragrant 15 and 17 (alkene, alkene, alkyne) cycloketones are aroma molecules. The comparison of the chemical components of Mosquito and Natural Musk: There are more kinds of cycloketones and alcohols in Mosquitoes than the natural Musk, and the flavor molecules are the results of the combined effects of fifteen and seventeen cyclic ketones. The natural musk flavor components are musk ketone and xylene musk. Quantitative comparisons were made between Moschus acutissima and natural musk. It was found that Mole-in-a-mouse has high sensitivity, selectivity, fast detection speed and small amount of sample. The secretion of Moschus aroma is the dynamics of apical secretion and synthesis, aggregation, transfer and secretion of fragrant gland cells. Process and periodic secretion patterns. The development of the squirrel fragrant glands is regulated by steroid hormones in the plasma, which induces the morphological development and continuation of scent glands in the squirrels. The development of the fragrant glands in the squirrels has a period of development of the fragrant glands, a period of profuse secretion, duration of aromas, and atrophy. The law of cyclical change. Thirty-three components were identified, including azulene macrocyclic ketones, alcohols, fatty acids, and steroids. The analysis showed that ring 15 and ring 17 (alkene, alkene, acetylene) ketones were molecules that produced fragrances, and moths were modified by molecular modification. Macrocyclic musk ketone shows a stronger aroma of animal fragrance. The standard musk ketone, musk ketone acetonone and natural musk ketone have the same 238 molecular ion peaks, and there are various compound content in different periods. The best picking period is from February to September.
According to the biological characteristics of musk rat's nutrition and diet, it is conducive to the growth, reproduction and musk of muskrats. The musk rat needs to adopt the water seal hole, closed, and three-dimensional structure of building structure, according to the breeding period of muskrats. Nutrient needs during the growing period, the wintering preparation period, and the wintering period require different diet formulas and standards.
In order to promote the new technology of musk rat hunting, it is necessary to master the law of musk mice and breeding technology of muskrat to improve musk mice's fertility and aroma yield, and obtain good economic benefits.

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