Potato Disease and Insect Pest Control Technology

I. Physiological diseases Physiological diseases are caused by environmental conditions that are not suitable for the growth and development of potatoes. Mainly due to deficiency of essential diseases, adverse climate hazards, and phytotoxicity.
Control methods:
1. Deeply apply sufficient NPK and organic fertilizer as base fertilizer,
2, in the hair root, hair tree, potato stage foliar spray with a detoxifying balanced nutrient fertilizer such as effective fertilizer, etc.,
3, encountered phytotoxicity, cold damage, high temperature hazards, but also continuous spraying 2-3 times this type of foliar fertilizer.
Second, fungal diseases early blight, also known as summer blight, ring disease. It mainly occurs on foliage. The lesions are nearly round, dark brown, with black concentric circles, not stained by water, and can be connected to each other as irregular large spots. Control methods:
1, to strengthen the cultivation and prevention, avoid partial nitrogen fertilizer, reduce the occurrence of deficiency diseases;
2. In the early stage of disease, 70% Antai 600 times solution or 43% Holoca 5000X solution is used for spraying.
Late blight, also known as rickets, is a major potato disease. The leaves, stems, and tubers can all be affected. Usually, symptoms appear before and after flowering. In the early stages of the lesion, the tan spot was not planned. When it was wet, the lesion quickly expanded, the edge was water-stained, and there was a circle of white moldy material. On the back of the leaf, there was a dense white mold and a moldy wheel was formed. When dry, the lesions become blemishes and are brittle with no mildew layer. The epidemic of late blight is closely related to climatic conditions and fertility stages. In the case of continuous and rainy weather after the tuber, the disease can spread to every plant in the field within 10 days, and the loss is serious.
Control methods:
1. Choose disease resistant varieties;
2, use disease-free seed potatoes;
3. Chemical control: Before and after flowering, it was found that the central diseased plant was immediately removed and lime was applied on the ground. Then, the plants around the diseased plant were blocked with 66.8% mildew 600 times liquid or 72% Prec 800X liquid spray, 10 days later. Spray once, while Quantian spray protection with 70% Antegra 600 times.
Third, insect pest control locusts, control methods: (1) seed potato seed dressing; (2) the use of natural isolation conditions, the use of cultivation methods to avoid pupa; (3) drug control: Aimi Le 15000-30000 times liquid or Kangfu More than 8000 times liquid and other insecticides to kill locusts.
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Ground tigers, control methods: (1) strengthen field management; (2) capture, kill and kill insects, use phototaxis of adult tigers and special preference for sweet and sour liquid, set vinegar pots and black light lamps in the field to trap and kill Adults. Or use 90% trichlorfon to mix 30 to 40 kilograms of fresh grass every 50 grams and spread it to the field to trap and kill larvae. For the 3rd instar tiger larvae before, can be sprayed with 2.5% enemy killed 1,000 times, or with 2.5% of trichlorfon powder 2.5% kilograms plus 10 kilograms of fine soil and mix around the plants. For large-age larvae, 50% phoxim EC or 80% dichlorvos EC can be used to irrigate roots.
Tuber moths, prevention and control methods: (1) strict implementation of quarantine system; (2) selection of insect-free seed potatoes, avoiding long-term continuous cropping with solanaceous crops such as tobacco, cultivating soil by cultivating and avoiding the exposure of tubers; (3) mastering the germination of each generation Daejeon spraying, pesticides can be killed or fission.

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