About sugarcane mulching technology

Sugarcane mulching can effectively increase sugar cane production, improve morning market time, and increase economic efficiency. Plastic film cane mainly through the cover film, so that after the next kind of soil temperature and moisture conservation and other multi-functional effects, promote the sprouting and growth of sugarcane buds, roots, early emergence of whole seedlings, seedlings, strong seedlings, plant roots deep leafy, prolong effective growth Period, achieve high yields, mature earlier, and increase cane sugar. By adopting medium-late-maturing, high-yield and high-sugar varieties for cap cultivation, it can exert its seed function to achieve high and stable yield, early maturation and increased sucrose content. The ratoon cane culled in winter and early spring is often affected by low temperature, drought, etc., the germination rate is low, there are few effective stems, and the yield is not high. Plastic film cane preparation is relatively fine, ratoon cane to open the loose pine to be careful, base fertilizer, pesticides to a sufficient quantity, after spraying herbicides, to grasp the soil wet when the species cane cover film, in case of drought in order to catch the season, conducive to the adjustment of labor conflicts, can The first type of sugar cane, appropriate cover thick soil, until the rain spray herbicide cover film.

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