Factory-made intercropping and planting

In order to make full and effective use of the limited land and space in the greenhouse and increase economic efficiency, many regions have practiced intercropping between citrons and other crops. More successful types include:
1. Toona sinensis - water radish - cucumber intercropping Citrus sinensis using 1 to 2 years of dwarf single seedlings, spacing by 50 cm, planting distance of 10 to 15 cm. In the middle and late December, cucumber seedlings were planted in Xiangxi. After harvesting the first musk sprouts in mid-February, transplant the cucumbers into another greenhouse and sow two rows of radish between the rows. After the water radish harvested in early April, the soil was fertilized and the large cucumber seedlings were planted. The seedlings were used as scaffolds to strengthen the management of the cucumbers. In mid-May, cucumbers, cucumbers, and citrons were harvested until the end of June. When the citron was trimmed, the cucumbers were pulled. seedling. This kind of planting method can receive 500 kg of alfalfa sprouts per 1,000 square meters of greenhouses, 4,500 kg of carrots, and 4,000 to 4,500 kg of cucumbers. The economic benefits are significant.
2. Toona sinensis - Edible fungus The edible fungus was cultivated in the shady section of the east and west gables of the greenhouse planted in the citron, and in the section where no direct light was observed along the northern wall. This method can effectively use greenhouses to idle space, space and energy, and can form a camphor tree to carry out photosynthesis during the day, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, respiration of edible fungi, absorb oxygen, and release an ecological environment that complements carbon dioxide. Satisfying the needs of both parties, thereby increasing the output of both, is extremely useful for promotion and application.
3. Toona sinensis-tomato (cucumber, zucchini) Intercropped between Toona sinensis, with a 1.1-meter wide flat pod species, 0.8-1.0-meter wide sorghum two rows of tomatoes, row spacing 0.5 meters, spacing 0.3 meters is appropriate. For intercropping cucumbers, they were planted with 1.1-meter-wide leaves, and 0.7-meter-wide sorghum with two rows of cucumbers, with a spacing of 0.5 m and a spacing of 0.3 m. Cucumbers need to be nursed in the middle and late December, and planted in the middle of February in the second year. For the intercropping of zucchini, the Chinese wolfberry and Chinese sorghum should be good, and the squash should be planted at a width of 1 metre in a single row with a spacing of 0.4 to 0.6 meters. Zucchini should be cultivated in advance. After 5 to 7 days after transplanting, it should be planted.
4. Shannon, glutinous rice, vegetable, greenhouse, green tea, pods, pods, buds, harvesting, planting, and planting in the middle of March, warming up in early April and transplanting in nurseries. After raising the seedlings, the scented mangoes are fertilized for soil preparation, followed by tomato, green pepper or eggplant. In order to be listed in advance, tomatoes (green peppers, eggplants) can be transplanted with large seedlings by means of seedlings such as nutrient mash or nutritious soil blocks.

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