Kodak Company Launches Tumor Image Information Management System

Release date: 2006-12-12

Kodak launches tumor imaging information management system According to reports, Eastman kodak co. announced at the Radiation Therapy and Oncology Conference in Philadelphia that the company has successfully developed a new type of computerized x-ray photography. (cr) system - 2000rt cr system. The system provides digital images more conveniently and directly than x-ray film.
According to Kodak, the system not only provides digital images but also information management. For example, the patient's information is stored and managed for the oncology treatment center through a central database. It can provide users with clinical and non-clinical oncology images and information, which can improve user productivity.
According to Robin Hodownes, general manager of Kodak Health Organization, patient information in many cancer treatment centers is stored in different systems, and they need a unified system to save. Kodak's system can solve this problem and reduce the cost of saving. Shanghai Medical Devices

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