Five Ways to Increase Hair in Rabbits

1. Feeding long-haired rabbits reasonably has a certain degree of selectivity for feeds. They prefer eating leafy, sweet-tasting feeds, especially carrots. If conditions allow, adding a small amount of molasses, lotus root powder, and vegetable oil to the diet can increase its palatability; add some sulfur-containing amino acids (such as methionine, cystine, etc.), and feed more green vitamin feed rich in vitamin A, Such as milk vetch, carrots, and grasses, can ensure the nutrients needed for rabbit hair growth, promote prolific hair, and produce good hair.
Adding zinc sulphate can also promote hair growth in long-haired rabbits because zinc can directly participate in the synthesis of auxin in animals and promote the growth of rabbit hair.
2, Medicinal bath to encourage medicinal bath can grow long hair rabbit hair, hair production can be increased by more than 20%, and the quality is improved, bright white hair, loose and not tangled, but also can prevent the occurrence of rickets.
Liquid medicine configuration 50kg warm water Add trichlorfon powder 150 ~ 200g, dubbed 0.3 ~ 0.5% of trichlorfon solution, then add sulfur powder 150g, stir well after bathing; also can use soil turf skin, flavescens each 100g, add water 2.5kg, after frying, filter out liquid medicine, then add sulfur powder 100g, boiled water 5kg, stir and wait for warm bath, this amount can be used for 20 long-haired rabbits.
How to use it Choose a warm sunny day about 10 days after the hair removal. Do not startle the rabbit. Let rabbits eat before the medicine bath. In the medicated bath, one hand grasps the rabbit ear and puts the rabbit in the tub, so that the rabbit body is immersed in the liquid in addition to the head, the other hand scrubs the whole body of the rabbit from the bottom up, and finally scrubs the head of the rabbit. And ear, for rabbits suffering from rickets should be a separate medicinal bath.
3. The methods and techniques for reasonable hair extraction and wool-picking are directly related to the rabbit hair production and quality, and skilled production techniques should be mastered.
4. Female rabbits of the same breed of multi-raising female rabbits generally produce about 30% more hair than male rabbits, and have better hair quality than male rabbits. Therefore, male and female rabbits should be reared separately as early as possible to ensure that young female rabbits eat well and eat well to speed up their growth.
5. After the scientific management of hair collection, it is necessary to strengthen management and prompt the rabbits to grow hair. Common feeding and management measures include: 1 Add appropriate amount of zinc sulfate or copper sulfate to the feed. 2 After the hair is cut, the body of the rabbit can be rubbed with 60 degrees of white spirit and wiped the rabbit's body, but the mouth, nose, and eyes cannot be wiped. After 5 days, the rabbit body is covered with villi, and is relatively neat. 3 Each rabbit can feed 5 ~ 6g leeks and soaked beans 7 ~ 8 capsules, fed once a day, can increase the coat, hair color smooth. 4 comb hair every 3 days or so, in order to promote rabbit skin blood circulation and hair follicle cell activity, speed up the metabolism of the cortex, accelerate the growth of rabbit hair and improve rabbit hair quality. 5 appropriately increase the rabbit's light time. 6 After intramuscular injection of vitamin B2 in the arm muscles after shearing, there is a clear hair-stimulating effect, and shearing can generally be performed several days earlier.

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