Onion softening cultivation methods and seasons

(1) Winter Welsh Onion Cultivation In the vast northern regions of our country, most of the green onions are planted in autumn sowing in summer, and winter is the quality product - Welsh onion. Warm southern areas can be sowed in spring or autumn and harvested in winter. This kind of cultivation method has high yield of onion, good quality, and can be used throughout the winter through storage.
(2) The cultivation of autumn scallions sown earlier, the spring growth of onion seedlings, early summer colonization, the autumn morning to cultivate the way for the cultivation of autumn scallions. This cultivation method is a part of the onion's annual supply, but its area is not large.
(3) Scallion cultivation utilizes spring green onion seedlings, which is planted early in the summer and supplied on the early autumn. Because the planting time is very short, it mainly functions as a vegetative plant. It is a part of the annual supply of green onions and has a small area.
(4) Scallion cultivation Using the annual seed sowing, the onion shall be marketed from spring to autumn. Southern warm areas can be listed on the anniversary sowing year; in the north, they are sown from late September to early October, harvested from May to June in the following year, or planted in March-April and listed from June to July. This cultivation method achieves the annual supply of green onions and satisfies the needs of people living in them. Cultivation is common, but the area is not large.
(5) Protected cultivation Using windbreak impotence Yangshuo can produce the early croissants on the market in the early spring; use Yangshuo or greenhouses to produce fresh green onions in winter and spring. This cultivation method can improve the economic benefits of cultivation.
The above five cultivated green onion plants can be used for softening cultivation.

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