China developed a liver cancer early warning detection device

Release date: 2007-05-25

China has developed a liver cancer early warning detection device A rapid detection device that can detect the occurrence of liver cancer in patients with hepatitis and cirrhosis has been successfully developed in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.
China is the country with the highest mortality rate of liver cancer, and the number of liver cancer deaths accounts for 45% to 50% of the world. Medical staff have reached a consensus: the best way to improve survival is early diagnosis, early detection, early treatment. The most important one is early diagnosis. At present, the biological indicators for early diagnosis of liver cancer mainly rely on alpha-fetoprotein afp, but in a considerable number of patients with benign liver disease, alpha-fetoprotein is also easy to rise. Therefore, alpha-fetoprotein is used for early warning of liver cancer in high-risk groups. Not accurate enough. The birth of this research has broken the global monopoly of Japanese companies in this field and helped to improve the early diagnosis of liver cancer in China. It is understood that the newly developed liver cancer early warning detection device, using the plant resources of our country, combined with affinity chromatography technology and microcentrifugation technology, can effectively and quickly separate alpha-fetoprotein heterogeneous bodies, and the sensitivity of detecting afp-l3 reaches 1 Nak can also provide the doctor with total afp and afp-l3 at the same time. The method is simple and the results can be obtained within two hours. The new method will make the alpha-fetoprotein heterogeneous afp-l3, a high specificity index of liver cancer, can be used in clinical practice, and the accuracy of the simple application of alpha-fetoprotein is greatly improved.
Zhou Tong, a professor of the Department of Medicine and Cell Biology at the University of Birmingham in Alabama, USA, told reporters: "The product has been certified by the national drug testing authority. The clinical hospital can use this device to detect this indicator for more patients with liver disease. Alpha-fetoprotein heterogeneity not only has the value of early diagnosis of primary liver cancer, but also helps to predict the cancer of hepatitis and cirrhosis. Close follow-up of patients with hepatic disease with abnormal alpha-fetoprotein heterogeneity can be diagnosed and treated early. Improve patient survival rate." - Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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