Hybrid cotton artificial emasculation seed production method

First, the choice of farming

Planting plots should choose lands with flat terrain, contiguous patches, no blight, verticillium wilt, good fertility, convenient drainage and irrigation, and isolation zones for seed production areas, at least 200 meters away from other cotton varieties, and stop production areas Other varieties of cotton have appeared within them to ensure purity.

Second, transplanting

Strong seedlings. 7-10 days before transplanting, Da Tianji Tushu 2 fertilizer, 25-30 kg ammonium bicarbonate, 10 kg urea, 15-20 kg potassium chloride (guago-cotton intercropping, potassium sulfate application), superphosphate 50 kg. Parents should be planted in stages and separately when transplanting. It is best to cluster the fathers together in groups of villages and groups. In order to ensure that the father has sufficient pollen when pollinating, the average male parent should be planted 5-7 days earlier than the female parent. The 1800-2000 female parent plants per mu can be planted in a wide and narrow row with 35-40 cm spacing. Another parent 230-250 strains, the density may be appropriate to save more land. After transplanting, it should be covered with plastic film to fight for early-onset seedlings, pay attention to the control of diseases and insect pests and check seedlings to make up the seedlings, ensure the number of plants per acre, pay attention to regulate the parental birth process, and strive to meet the flowering period.

III. Seed production

Orthogonal method was used to manually pollination. The parental ratio was 1:8-9. After the end of the hybridization, all male parents were removed. (1) Preparation before planting: Prepare pollination bottles, 2-3 pockets, and sufficient color lines per acre. Reserve nails 10 days before planting. (2) Seed production schedule: Generally from July 10 to August 20 ends. If the weather is good, the parents may be able to start early, but it is advisable to do it in advance, but generally it cannot be postponed. (3) Pre-harvest preparation of Honda: One day before the start of seed production, all the bolls and flowers that have been made are removed, and self-clearing bells should be removed within 3 days after the start of seed production. Maternal detasseling: Detasseling at 2-7 pm, looking for inflorescences to turn white, soft, sharply elongated, revealing the buds at the top of the loquat leaves as emasculated objects. (4) Detasseling quality requirements: To go completely male, style can not be attached to the anther, do not damage the ovary and style, stigma, as far as possible to ensure that the ovary outside the albuginea and temporal leaf integrity, do not have to peel off flowers , It is forbidden to strip flowers in the early morning of the next day. (5) The harvest of the father's flowers: The operator of the seed production picks up the flowers that the father will open the next day before dark, takes them home and spreads them indoors, and prepares to pollinate the next day. (6) Parental pollination: carefully inspect the fields before pollination, remove all the flowers that were not emasculated in the previous day, and scrape the powder before 8 o'clock in the morning to spread the loose powder. The pollination time is usually between 8-11 am and ends at the latest before 12 o'clock. If there is too much dew or rain, it can be postponed as appropriate, but there is no water on the stigma and pollination can be done only after the father has spent the pollen. (7) Quality requirements during the seed production period: During the entire seed production period, the planting field must not have flowers open. When the pollination encounters rain, it can wait for the rain to stop and pollinate. In case of continuous rainfall, it is difficult to carry out emasculation and pollination, and all the openness should be promptly removed. Flowers, prevent self-generated bells. (8) Field cleaning: After the seed production is completed, the self-sweeping bells should be checked one by one to remove the buds of the fruit-bearing shoots at the end of the fruit in a timely manner, and the flowers should be removed for 10 consecutive days to be continuously cleaned to ensure the purity.

Fourth, timely harvest

Immediately after bolling, collect and immediately spread out the sun, remove deadlocked, rotten, yellow, and forbid the accumulation of wet flowers. At the same time, every link must be strictly prevented. After all the hybrid seed cottons are harvested, they are processed uniformly.

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