High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of Summer Maize

In the 60s and 90s of the last century, the output of wheat and corn was low, the agricultural consumption time was long, the rainwater was prone to budding, and the practice of wheat interplanting played an active role in promoting the increase in yield per unit area. Since the beginning of the new century, with the improvement of production conditions, changes in the production system, improvement of the level of mechanization, a significant increase in wheat and corn production, agricultural consumption time, drought, lack of rain, intercropping corn density, uneven seedlings, serious pests and diseases, field The operation is difficult and it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of higher production. The technology for interplanting wheat fields formed on the middle level needs to be updated. It is imperative to implement high-yielding cultivation techniques for the timely harvesting of live maize in high-yield and higher-yield stages.

1. Variety selection

The medium-late and late-maturing high-yielding compact corn varieties were selected, and the photosynthetic high value of the post-anthesis group continued to increase, and the spikes, denseness, resistance to lodging, disease resistance, and live-tree growth were mature. The growth period was 100 to 105 days, and the effective accumulated temperature was 1200 to 1500°C. The current representative There are Zhengdan 958, Nongda 108, Ludan 981, and Liaoyu 18.

2. Grab live

After the harvest, grab the pods and plant them with a spacing of 60 centimeters or so, sow the seeds for ditching, sow or post-seeding, watering, seed coating, 2 tablets per point, chemical fertilizer between two points, 3 cm of artificial soil, 10 hours later, Step on the ridge to ensure Miao Qi Miao.

3. Reasonable dense planting

Establishing a reasonable group structure to ensure the uniformity of the population is the key to high-yield cultivation. The compact varieties have a large number of leaves on the blade and are suitable for dense planting. They can plant 5,000 plants per acre. They are flat and flat, with low leaf orientation, and are suitable for sparse planting. They can plant 3500 plants per acre.

4. Balanced fertilization

The soil organic matter in high-yielding fields should be above 1%, and 3 kg of nitrogen, 1 kg of phosphorus pentoxide, and 2 kg of potassium oxide should be used to calculate the amount of fertilizer for every 100 kg of seeds produced. 3000 kg of basal fertilizer will be applied when growing wheat. When sowing corn, 10 to 15 kg of urea, 10 to 15 kg of phosphate, 30 to 35 kg of potassium chloride, and 1 kg of zinc sulfate fertilizer are applied between the two points when the above chemical fertilizer is applied at one time. During the big mouth period, 50% of the total nitrogen fertilizer was applied, and 20% of the nitrogen fertilizer was applied during flowering. At a distance of 15 cm from the plant, apply 10 cm deep.

5. Fine management

(1) early set seedlings: 4 leaf stage Dingmiao, when the seedlings go weak to stay strong, ensure that the seedlings.

(2) early eradication of earthworms: before the seedlings stubble, promote root growth, extermination after spraying 40% EtOH mixture or 33% Pendimethalin for chemical weeding.

(3) Prevention of pests and diseases: dressing of seed coating agents, prevention and treatment of seedling diseases, spraying of omethoate after three leaves, prevention of sucking pests, application of phoxim poisonous sand in large-mouth period, prevention of corn borer, and prevention and control of late aphids .

(4) Covering wheat stubble or wheat bran in small mouth period: 500 kg per mu cover in the ridge room, can eliminate grass fertilizer field.

(5) When males are intervened, males should be interlaced. When tassels are exposed, they should be interlaced.

(6) Timely and late harvest: Loquat leaves dry, the milk line disappears, and the black layer appears to harvest to ensure the grain weight.

6. Suitable for promotion area

Huanghuaihai summer corn planting area.


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