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Gansu Heshui County Hejiapan, Xiaozui Township, and Dianzi Township apple twister occurred, and Yongning Township, Zhengning County, was seriously damaged. Almost every family has an orchard. Many fruit growers haven't seen cotton, I do not know how to control. Members of Qingyang should, on the basis of understanding the harmfulness and seriousness of the cotton thread, mobilize the joint prevention and treatment of fruit and agriculture, and eliminate the invasion of cotton and cotton in the initial period.

The apple amaranth, also known as red peony, is a branch of a tree, and it is rooted under the roots of the apple tree. Feed on apple tree sap. Development includes several nymph stages, and nymphs and adults are very similar in appearance and habits.

First, the damage characteristics: the main cluster of apple trees cut slash, wounds around the disease and pests, trunk bark cracks, stems and petiole base damage, more than the formation of tumors in the victim site, and easy to break. The affected area was covered with a layer of waxy white cotton.

Second, the harmful habits: Wanda in the base of the roots, tree pole scars, cracks, saw cut mouth and near the surface of the root winter. In mid-April, fruit trees sprouted when they sprouted. In the first half of May, the nymphs grew to become nymphs and the first generation of nymphs was born. In early June, a large number of roots were transferred underground (2 to 60 cm in depth and up to 10 to 40 cm deep in the soil layer) to endanger rooting in the year and rooting in 2 to 3 years. Some cotton worms that spread to the trees are harmful in the original place. Some nymphs suck juice on the back of small young leaves after hatching, and then grow into winged larvae. They move to the apple and spread on the pear seedlings. This is the first time the peak of the year has occurred. From July to August, it was suppressed by high temperatures and natural enemies, and the number was slightly reduced. From mid-September to October, the autumn season is high, suitable for breeding, and the second peak of the year.

Third, the transmission route: Apple Mian Wei spread close, relying mainly on winged relocation, remote seedlings, scion, fruit spread.

Fourth, control measures: 1. Strengthen quarantine: The occurrence of seedlings in Mianzhang District, scion is strictly prohibited transport. The young orchards found that the cotton plants were cleaned and burned immediately. 2. Joint prevention and control: Mianxun is the quickest to spread by flying, and the diseased area orchards must be jointly controlled by spraying. 3. Control steps: 1 winter clearing garden. According to the overwintering habits of the cotton vine, the defoliation of the tree is applied to the entire garden before germination, and the existing diseased plants are cut off, the thick sticks of the sticks are cut off, the sawn cuts and pests and diseases are cleared, the soil layer is plowed, and the roots of the medicine are irrigated. The next focus is to kill overwintering nymphs. The pears or hawthorn trees near the orchard must also be applied simultaneously to completely remove the insect source. 2 Under the trees, a tree is treated. Before the winter in November in the tree, from the beginning of May to the first half of June, if there is a migration or migration period, the second peak of reproduction from September to October, the whole tree is sprayed to prevent and cure the found cotton. Lose the fire, kill it by spraying. Under the tree in the winter before the freezing of the roots of the disease on the alum pot irrigation, in early June should also be poured into the soil, complete root. 3 Drug Recommendations: 40% Safety at Singapore Lee Agriculture.

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