Correct use and maintenance of agricultural vehicle batteries

The battery life has a close relationship with the use of maintenance, improper use and maintenance, resulting in early damage to the battery, it will bring difficulties to start the agricultural vehicle. Therefore, it is very necessary to seriously use the battery for maintenance. 1 The correct use of the battery 1.1 to properly install the ground pole pole. On farm vehicles today, the battery used with the silicon-rectifying generator is a negative ground. The battery used with the DC generator is a positive ground. Remember that it cannot be installed in reverse, otherwise it will burn the silicon diode. The battery pole is marked with a positive "+" sign, and the negative sign is marked with a "-" sign. When not marked, it can be identified as follows: (1) The thicker pole is the positive pole, the thinner is the negative pole. (2) The poles with many oxides are positive poles, and the less are the negative poles; (3) The pole piles are dark brown with positive poles, and the light gray ones are negative poles; (4) can also lead from each pole to two poles. The wire is inserted in the same cup of salt water, and a large number of air bubbles are generated at one end of the cathode. 1.2 Do not over discharge the battery. When using the electric starter to start, it must not exceed 5 seconds each time, and it should be separated by 1-2 minutes when it is started continuously. If it fails to start three times, it should check the reason and cannot start continuously. When the engine is started in winter, the engine must heat water and the engine oil must be pre-heated to reduce the load on the starter and reduce the output current of the battery. 1.3 In the case that the clamp is not loosened, do not forcefully move the clamp to avoid loosening of the pole. 2 Battery Maintenance 2.1 Always keep the battery clean. Electrolyte, dirt, dust, etc., that overflow on the outer surface of the battery can cause short-circuit discharges and must be wiped clean. The poles and clamps should be kept clean and in good contact with earth and petrolatum or butter to prevent oxidation. The vent hole on the battery cover should be kept clear to avoid gas expansion and rupture of the battery case. 2.2 The battery must be fastened and secured when it is installed on the locomotive. And there should be a shockproof pad to avoid shattering the battery case while driving. When it is found that the shell is broken or the electrolyte leaks, it should be repaired in time. 2.3 Periodically check the height of the electrolyte liquid level. When checking the liquid level, apply two open glass tubes. Use of the apparatus is strictly forbidden. When the liquid level is insufficient, distilled water (especially summer) should be added in time. When the electrolyte leaks or overflows, the electrolyte of the original specific gravity should be added. After adding distilled water, the engine should be started to charge so that the electrolyte can be mixed evenly. 2.4 Check the battery storage condition. Apply electrolyte pycnometer or discharge fork measurement. If none of the above instruments can also be checked by the speaker volume, the brightness of the light. It is forbidden to look at the size of sparks by short-circuit discharge to check, in order to prevent the battery from being discharged in large quantities. It is forbidden to place electrically conductive tools and objects on the battery to prevent the short circuit from damaging the battery.

Magnetic-guided Intramedullary Nail

Distal hole aiming is a main difficulty in intrameduallary nail operation. Magnetic-guided Intramedullary Nail is designed to solve this problem.The advantages:

1. Real-time monitored during drilling process, 100% accuracy in distal hole drilling.

2. Doesn't need stablizer, decrease one incision for patient. shorter time

3.  Doesn't need X-ray in distal hole drilling. Reduce radiation for surgeons.

Magnetic-guided Intramedullary Nail

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