The cucumber is too low

Falling vines is a very important agricultural operation. It can reduce the height of cucumber shoots, improve light, enhance plant growth, and directly affect the yield and quality of cucumber. Especially in spring, when the temperature is high, the winter cucumber has entered a period of vigorous growth, and the falling vines are sloppy. However, some peasant friends figured out how to save time and the cucumbers were very low, with only 1.1 meters.

To complete normal photosynthesis, cucumbers require 16 to 20 functional leaves per plant. The cucumber is too low, the leaves of the plants are few, and the leaf area coefficient is insufficient. This will seriously affect the photosynthesis and reduce the accumulation of organic matter, which will inevitably lead to a reduction of cucumber production. Spread the cucumber to 1.1 meters, at best, there are 12 functional leaves, the leaves are reduced by 25% to 40%, the production of photosynthetic products is reduced, and the yield can be reduced by about 30%.

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1. Commodity name: Fresh Carrot

2. Feature: washed, polished, no mechanical damage, bright red color
3. Size: 80-150g; 150-200g; 200-250g; 250-300g
4. Packing:
1) 9kgs/carton, 10kgs/carton, 20kgs/carton with inner plastic bag
2) according to the clients' requirements.
5. Supply Period:
a) Spring season: From March to July
b) Autumn season: From October to December
6. Conveyance: 26-30MT/40' HR (loading quantity depending on packing)

7.Transporting and storing temperature: 0°C


Fresh Carrot

Fresh Carrot

Fresh Carrot,Bulk Fresh Carrot,Fresh Red Carrot,Fresh Organic Carrots