Detailed control of cucumber brown spot

Cucumber brown spot disease occurs in the province in the past two years. It occurs in cucumber greenhouses in southern Jiangxi and Cangshan. The diseased plant rate is generally 30% to 60%, and the severe plant disease rate reaches 100%. %.
Symptoms: damage to the leaves, brownish green spots on the leaves at the onset of the disease, and later gradually developed into polygonal to irregular necrotic small spots, pale to light yellowish brown, obvious or haloed edges, late lesions, air humidity The surface of the spot produces pale brown to pale black molds, namely the conidiophores and conidia of the pathogen. Multiple lesions connected to each other lead to premature aging and necrosis. This is the main feature of the disease, which is different from the bacterial blight of cucumber. The latter has clear spots on the light observed by the leaves, and there are no molds.
Bacteria transmission and disease conditions: The disease is a disease caused by the fungus Cercospora sp. The pathogens overwinter in the field with mycelium and diseased tissues. When conditions are appropriate, conidia are produced by airflow and cause initial infection. Conidia were produced on lesions and repeated infections by wind and rain. The shed was planted with dense or high humidity, the temperature was suitable for disease development, and the management was extensive. The seedlings suffered from frost damage or fertilizer damage to make local necrosis of the melon leaf tissue conducive to disease.
Control methods: 1 After the harvest completely remove the sick and reduce the field bacteria source. 2 Strengthen field management in the shed, strengthen ventilation management after watering, and reduce humidity. 3 Chemical control: 10 to 15 days after colonization, spray 60% Baitai water dispersible granules 1500 times, 25% Kairun wettable powder 3000 times, or 70% thiophanate-methyl wettable powder 1000 times fluid, once every 5 to 7 days or depending on the condition of the disease, even prevention 3 to 4 times.

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