Pig Conservation Management Essentials

The pigs entering the conservation period have strict requirements on the environment and feeding and management measures. The production should pay attention to four aspects of work to ensure the survival rate of the pigs.

Control environment

Try to create a similar environment to the lactation period so that the piglets can adapt to the new housing environment as quickly as possible. The sows can also be driven out after weaning and the piglets remain in the delivery room. After 7 days, the pigs are placed in the nursery. Nursery pigs are very sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, the nursery must maintain a suitable temperature, the early temperature of 25 °C ~ 27 °C, the latter is 20 °C, generally every 1 day to reduce 1 °C ~ 2 °C. Pay attention to the anti-thief winds and avoid human factors causing the housing temperature to be too low. The excessive humidity in the nursery will cause multiple diseases of the pigs. Generally, the relative humidity in the house should be 65%~75%, and adequate ventilation should be maintained to prevent harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from damaging the health of the pigs.

Reasonable diet

Feed the weaning material of the sow and add acidifying agents, prebiotics and oligosaccharides to the weaning material to promote digestion and prevent diarrhea. The feed replacement should have a 10-day adaptation period, reduce the pig feed by 10% per day, and increase the weaning material. In the early stage of childcare, multiple meals and less food can be used. Feeding 5 times to 6 times a day, each time is suitable for 70% or 80% fullness. After 14 days to 21 days, the number of feedings is gradually reduced, and the transition to free intake is gradually achieved. After the transition from liquid milk to solid feed, the water demand of the pigs is greatly increased. The lack of water in the pigs makes it easy to drink urine or sewage and cause digestive tract infections. Therefore, it is necessary to provide adequate and clean drinking water for the pigs in the nursery period. . When using the automatic drinker, the head must be set in a place easily found by the pigs. If necessary, it should be guided so that the pigs can drink fresh water on the head in time.

Prevent stress

Nursery pigs have low immunity and there are many stress factors in the nursery period. Therefore, the pigs respond to stress more strongly. In order to control stress, we should try to keep the original group unchanged and make it easy for the pigs to feel dependent. When groups must be mixed, they must be demolished without dismantling and dismantling. Keep the environment around the nursery quiet and avoid sudden noises. The adjustment of living habits requires patience and can't be beaten. When encountering abrupt changes in the weather, it is necessary to take precautions as soon as possible. Care must be taken to take care of them carefully. Observe carefully and find out that the pig fight should be stopped in time.

Control disease

During the nursery period, the piglets grow rapidly, their appetite is strong, their internal organs are overburdened, the active immune system cannot develop synchronously, maternal antibodies decline rapidly after weaning, the body resistance is relatively poor, and multiple diseases are prone to occur. The main measures to control the disease are to strengthen the management of feeding, and at the same time, timely vaccinate according to the characteristics of the local epidemic. The main infectious diseases that need to be prevented are mainly swine fever, blue ear disease, pseudorabies, asthma, paratyphoid pig, chain Coccyosis and so on. Five days after the pigs were transferred to the finishing houses, 400 grams of Fluconazole, 500 grams of astragalus polysaccharides or Radix is ​​added to 1 ton of feed and fed continuously for 10 days. Or add 1 kg of Licorcin and 200 g of amoxicillin to 1 ton of feed and feed it continuously for 10 days to effectively prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases. At the end of conservation, the insecticide should be promptly carried out. If the pig is found to be in a poor mental state, it should be observed immediately.

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