Analysis of meatball machine cooking line

Analysis of meatball forming cooking line
Zhucheng Xindeli Food Machinery Company Technology Department
    Shandong Zhucheng Xindeli Food Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of vacuum packaging machine products and complete sets of meat processing equipment. The company has long been committed to the research and production of packaging machinery and meat processing machinery. It has become a backbone enterprise in China for the production of vacuum packaging machinery and meat machinery, and a member of the China Meat Machinery Association. The vacuum packaging machine is a qualified product in the sampling inspection by the State Administration of Quality Supervision.
The meatball cooking line developed by the company in 2006 has been used by meatball manufacturers and the company's continuous innovation and improvement, and has reached the level of domestic similar products.
The meatball forming cooking line consists of three parts, namely the forming and cooking part, the cooling part, and the transmission system part. (see Attachment)
The water in the forming tank and the cooking tank is heated by the steam pipes in the two tanks, and the water temperature is controlled by the high temperature and high pressure valve by adjusting the steamer to reach the water temperature of the forming tank of about 75 degrees, and the water temperature of the cooking tank is about 90 degrees. The water in the forming tank forms a water flow through the hot water circulation pump, so that the meatballs coming out of the meatball machine start to flow to the end of the forming tank after the water is introduced into the water. This process controls the flow rate of the meat by controlling the flow rate of the water to control the flow rate of the meatballs. That is, according to the process, the meatballs reach the ideal molding state.
The shaped meat pellets are further cooked in the cooking tank and then moved to the end of the cooking tank at a uniform speed through a rotating dial. The time required for different types of meatballs to be cooked can be controlled by adjusting the rotational speed of the dial.
The meatballs that are driven by the chain to the cooling tank must be rapidly cooled in the cooling tank. The water in the cooling tank is open, that is, the cold water is poured into the water, and the hot water overflows. The water temperature in the cooling tank is always about 20 degrees and 25 degrees. After the meatballs are cooled in the cooling tank, they can be directly frozen into the quick-freezing workshop.
As we all know, food safety is a top priority for people's daily lives. By matching the cooking line, meatball manufacturers can not only reduce labor costs (especially today, where labor costs are greatly increased), but also reduce the number of food quality accidents caused by human factors in the production process. The people offer more assured and safer food.
The meatball cooking line has been put into use in five production lines in Shandong Jiashibo New Company (one of the domestic Zui big meatball producers), and there are still four assembly lines being installed and commissioned. Xindeli Machinery is dedicated to serving the vast number of domestic customers, and is willing to work with colleagues in the food industry to work hard for the glory of China's food industry.

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