New Green Tree - Rong Guojun and Jin Yangliu

Rong Guojun also called Cui Shengguo, Jinyang Liu also known as Jinliu. The former is the Ma Tingting from the Liangshan County Institute of Science, Technology and Agriculture in Shandong Province, which was nurtured and cultivated in 2002. The latter is the eugenic strains discovered by Ma Tingting and Li Xinrong in the nursery of Jinsi Weeping will be bred in 2002. All have passed the appraisal of relevant experts. It is an outstanding new tree species that is very dynamic in urban gardens and walkways. Rong Guoxi retained the advantages of strong resistance and wide adaptability of the original Chinese monk, and accelerated his birth and became more green. Jinyang willow tree golden shiny, a change of gold weeping willow, tip of the low hanging, precarious, sturdy posture, and to high, powerful, masculine instead, people see the fearless, eye-catching, upward sense. Characteristic characteristics Both are fast-growing species, long life, good environmental protection, pollution absorption and spit cleaning, fresh air force, resistance to disease and insect resistance, fear of frost, most of the country should be planted. Rong Guoyi has a well-developed root system. She grasps the dungeons, has tall and straight trunks, resists wind and sand, and has green leaves and green leaves. July flowering, silver and white clusters, bees and butterflies lingered, the pipa is good-looking, the flower is beaded, clustered and crystallized. The glutinous rice is tight and the income is much higher. Solid material, wide range of uses. It is easy to be bred, but it can also grow in variety. It grows 2 meters in one year and 4 meters in its second year. The tree is as high as 10 meters. Jinyang Liu is a deciduous tree with a tall tree, straight trunks, lubricated and flooded, and elegant. Sprouting power, cuttings and easy to live, when the seedling height up to 3 to 5 meters. The leaves are long and thick, vegetatively propagated, free from flocks, and more environmentally friendly. Excellent material, can make paper, plywood and so on. With special resistance to waterlogging, the accumulated water can still grow for six months, with deep roots and strong drought resistance. Although Rong Guoyi and Jin Yangliu are resistant to salinity, they are more fertile. Appropriate water and fertilizer management will grow faster and better.

     Ginger we supplied include Fresh Ginger and Air Dried Ginger, it native to Anqiu county, Shandong province. We can supply it from December to November next year. You may rest assured that the health and quality of the product will give you every satisfaction. Our company has been in this line of business for 13 years, we have several well-trainedteams who can control the quality and we also know how to control the temperature and humidity according to different conditions and seasons. Except ginger, our company is also professional in Fresh Garlic , onion carrot, chestnut, apple, pear, pomelo, orange, grape, kiwi fruit, baby mandarin, and so on. If you are interested in, look forward to your inquiry.Except Air Dried Ginger ,we also supplied fresh ginger  , Fresh garlic, Fresh Onion , Peeled Onion , Fresh Chestnut , Sweet Corn , Fresh Taro , Fresh Potato , Fresh Baby Mandarin, Fresh Red Grape, Fresh Pomelo , Fresh Ya Pear Chaotian Chili , Paprika Powder , Fresh Apple and so on.

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Product Name


Place of origin

Anqiu, Shandong, China


Fresh Ginger, air dried ginger


50g,100g,150g,200g,250g, 300g,350g and up.




30lb/plastic box,10kg/plastic box

20kg/mesh bag

8,10,15,20kg/ctn with PE bag inner


20-24mts per 40fcl.

Exporting standard:

Clean, Round Ginger, no rotten, no black mould, not broken

Supply period:

All year round.




1 x 40' RH

Shipment Port:

Qingdao Port ,China

Delivery time

7-10 days after the deposit

Air Dried Ginger 250G And Up

Air Dried Ginger 250G And Up,Whole Air Dried Ginger,Fresh Ginger Air Dried Ginger,Peeled Dehydrated Ginger

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