Orchid Treasures - Four Seasons Orchid

Orchid is a kind of high-grade flower, which is loved by many flower-cultivators. Four-season orchid that can bloom every day is a treasure in orchids. The flower bloomed a month after flowering. At the same time of flowering, a root of a fork and a seedling grew one after another. The seedlings grew again when they reached a height of more than ten centimeters. After three months, they grew into a big pier. Whole plant, dozens of gold core orchids, blossoming. The flower is adaptable, does not select soil, no pests and diseases, can tolerate temperatures below minus 15 degrees, once planted, and benefits for many years. A small seedling can expand more than 50 seedlings in the year, potted plants can be planted throughout the country can be planted.

Four seasons blue seeds do not contain seeds, and they can be propagated in separate plants. Transplanting does not need to carry soil and it is easy to survive. The four-year-old orchid that blooms every day has great promotion value.

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