The main points of fertilizer use in pollution-free fruit production

l Promote the use of organic fertilizers, commodity organic fertilizers, and microbial fertilizers. Under the premise that the use of chlorine-containing compound fertilizers and nitrate nitrogen fertilizers is prohibited, chemical fertilizers are allowed to be used according to the following two principles.

(l) Fertilizers must be applied in conjunction with organic fertilizers. The amount of inorganic nitrogen should not exceed the amount of organic nitrogen.

(2) Chemical fertilizers can also be combined with organic fertilizers and compound microbial fertilizers. The formulas are: l000kg of manure, 5-10kg of urea or 20kg of diammonium phosphate, and 60kg of compound microbial fertilizer. The last topdressing must be carried out 30 days before the charge.

a. It is forbidden to use municipal solid waste and industrial waste without harmless treatment. The municipal solid waste and industrial wastes must be detoxified and their quality must meet the requirements of GB8172 before they can be used. Limiting the amount of orchard used per hectare per year, sticky soil does not exceed 45,000 kg, and sandy soil does not exceed 3000 kg.

3. In principle, the farmer's fertilizer should be used on the spot, and the farmer's fertilizer should be used only after confirming that it meets the requirements. No matter which raw materials the farm manure is used for composting, it must be fermented at high temperatures to kill parasite eggs, pathogens and weed seeds, so that it can meet the harmless health standards. For high-temperature composting, the composting temperature is required to be up to 50-55°C for 5-7 days; the mortality rate of locust eggs is 95%-100%; the flies are effectively controlled and there is no live fleas, pupa or new eclosion around the fertilizer heap. fly. For biogas fermented fertilizers, the sealed storage period is required to be more than 30 days; the high-temperature biogas fermentation temperature is 532°C for 2 days; the parasite egg sedimentation rate of 95% or more in water and feces can not eliminate live schistosome eggs and hookworm eggs; biogas digesters The residue can be used after being harmlessly treated.

Polymer material is a multi-phase composite system with polymer as the main body, that is, few products are made of pure polymer, and most of them are used together with Polymer Additives. The purpose of adding polymer Additives is: 1. to meet the performance requirements; 2. to meet the molding requirements; 3. to meet the economic requirements. Polymer additives include plasticizers (DBP, DOP), phosphate esters (TCP trimethylphenyl phosphate), aliphatic dicarboxylic acids, lubricants, heat stabilizers, processing aids, reinforcing agents, toughening agents, curing agents, antioxidants, light stabilizers, fillers, solvents, foaming agents, and resistances. Propellant, coupling agent and antistatic agent.

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