Strengthen feeding management according to the characteristics of ducks

In the brooding ducklings, the first week old Schering temperature should reach 30°C or more, and then decrease with the age increasing day by day. By 15th birthday, the temperature can be reduced to about 20°C, and it can be kept constant until slaughter.

Freshly hatched ducklings have a 5 to 7 grams yolk sac in their abdomen. The smaller the yolk sac, the weaker the constitution, and vice versa. If the newborn broiler duck gets the proper temperature and can drink water in time, the remaining yolk absorbs quickly. In addition, the yolk sac can provide early nutrition to ducklings.

Duck duck must pay attention to less feeding. However, after entering the fattening period after 3 weeks of age, it is necessary to adopt free feeding and free drinking water.

Because the taste of ducks is undeveloped, it is necessary to pay attention to the hygiene of feedstuffs and litter, and prevent moldy deterioration and foreign matter from mixing. Meat ducks like to eat pellet feed, do not like to eat fine and sticky feed. Ducks have innate ability to identify colors and prefer yellow feed. Ducks like to drink water in a blue sink, like cold water, do not want to drink more than body temperature water.

Metabolism of meat ducks is fast. Half of the food passes through the digestive tract for about 4 hours to 5 hours, and it takes only half an hour. Because the feed passes through the digestive tract fast, the rate of defecation is high, and there are also more organics and nitrogenous substances that remain in the feces. Duck manure undergoes decomposition and decomposition, resulting in a large amount of harmful gases such as ammonia. Therefore, duck dung must be removed regularly.

Ducks prefer a dry habitat. A moist environment is not conducive to winter insulation and heat dissipation in the summer, and abdominal feathers are often rotted off due to moisture and fecal water pollution. Therefore, it is very important that the duck bedding be dry and hygienic.

Ducks consume more food, drink more water, and have a habit of eating by the side. In order to avoid soiling drinking water and wasting feed, the distance between the material basin and the water basin should be more than 1 meter, and the middle duck stage should be more than 5 meters. Drinking areas require good drainage and keep away from litter. In order to prevent the ducks from splashing, a net cover should be added to the basin.

Meat ducks are frightened, noise, color, strangers, etc. often cause the meat ducks to appear nervous, excitement, screaming and squeaking, resulting in reduced intake and weight loss, and severe crushing and death. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the surroundings of the duck house quiet.

Ducks are gregarious and like to live in groups, regardless of age. However, in order to ensure the uniformity of growth and development of meat ducks, the stocking density should not be excessive.

Meat ducks grow faster after 3 weeks of age, and breast meat and leg meat develop rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to provide high-protein and high-energy full-priced feed in the early stage. Although the crude protein in the latter stage may be lower, the energy must be increased. After 3 weeks of age, due to rapid weight gain and body weight, leg development often fails to follow and is prone to leg problems. The duck group should be hurried to move about every 2 to 3 hours.

The yellow mealworm is not only rich in protein, fat, polysaccharid and other organic macromolecular nutrients, but also rich in phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, aluminum and other trace elements. For every 100g of the yellow mealworm larvae, the protein content of dry powder is between 48% and 54%, the fat content is between 28% and 41%, and the contents of vitamin E, B1 and B2 are also high. Therefore, the yellow mealworm can provide high quality protein for canary birds , make the canary birds strong, eyes bright, feathers rich and shiny.

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