What are the standards of composting?

What are the criteria for compost fermentation? After composting with compost, the following criteria can be used to test the maturity of compost: it can be judged based on its color, odor, straw hardness, compost leaching solution, compost volume, carbon-nitrogen ratio, and humicification coefficient. .
1 From the color odor, the composted straw turned brown or dark brown, with black juice at night, with ammonia odor. The ammonium nitrogen content was significantly increased with ammonium reagent.
2 Straw hardness, hand composting, soft and elastic when wet; dry, brittle, easily broken, organic material loses its elasticity.
3 composting leachate, take decomposed compost, add fresh water and stir (fat ratio 1:8), place 3-5 minutes, the leachate was pale yellow.
4 Compost volume is reduced by 2/3 to 1/2 when compared with the time of composting.
5 carbonitriding, usually about 28:1.
6 The humification factor is about 30%.

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