Nutrient function and deficiency symptoms during the growth of sweet potato

1. Nitrogen is an important part of the protein. If nitrogen is insufficient, the old leaves will first appear green, the number of leaves, the number of branches will be reduced, the leaves will be reduced, the internodes will be shortened, the leaves will be susceptible to premature yellowing, and further development will be the old leaves. Shedding, reduced photosynthetic efficiency, seriously affecting yield.

2. Phosphorus is an important part of sweet potato cells, which can promote the development of root system, enhance photosynthesis, promote the synthesis, transportation and storage of carbohydrates, increase the starch content of potato pieces and increase the yield. If phosphorus is lacking, it will cause the leaves to become smaller, dark green, lose luster, and the extension of the stems will be hindered. After that, large patches of yellow spots will appear in the old leaves and become purple, and will soon fall off.

3. Potassium is the most important element influencing the yield and quality of sweet potato. It can prolong the functional period of leaves, keep young shoots and petioles, promote the expansion of tubers, accelerate the transport of photosynthetic products, and promote the synthesis and accumulation of starch. Improve the disease resistance and storage performance of sweet potato. The lack of potassium showed a small leaf, short internodes and petioles, dark green leaves, and brown spots on the back of the late leaves.

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