Fertilizer use matters needing attention

Fertilizer use precautions Fertilizer also known as biological fertilizers, biological fertilizers, bacterial fertilizers or inoculants, but most people are used to called fungicide. Specifically, biofertilizer is a bacterium rather than a fertilizer because it does not itself contain the nutrients needed for plant growth and development, but only contains a large amount of microbes that improve the nutrient conditions of the crop through the life activities of microbes.
According to the characteristics of biological fertilizers, the following issues are generally required to be noted during use:
First, the use of biological fertilizers requires certain environmental conditions and cultivation measures to ensure the environmental conditions required for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, so that the fertilizer can fully play its role;
Second, bio-fertilizer can not be applied alone, it must be combined with chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers. Only in this way can the full use of bio-fertilizers increase production efficiency. For example, use of bacterial fertilizer can save 70% of chemical fertilizers, and increase production by more than 20%;
Third, pay attention to sterilization conditions during production, transportation, storage and use.
Bacterial fertilizers made from bacteria with specific functions in the soil have obvious ecological benefits such as soil improvement and ecological environment protection, and are the preferred fertilizers for ecological agriculture in the 21st century. But for a long time, due to the unstable effect of some bacterial fertilizers, the low number of bacteria, and the ineffectiveness and harmful bacteria, the survival rate of bacteria in the soil is low, resulting in an unsatisfactory effect of bacterial fertilizers on the yield increase of crops. Farmers do not like to use them, so they must Select professional manufacturers such as starter companies.

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