Vicia faba

The disease is caused by the infection of Botryotinia fabae and belongs to Ascomycetes subsp. In nature, it only produces its anamorphic Botrytis fabae, which belongs to the semi-known phylum Substance, and the caterpillar fungus. It only harms broad beans.

Field identification of this disease can occur during the whole growing period, and it is generally aggravated by flowering and scarring. The main damage is leaves, stems, and pods, and it also harms the beans. On the leaves, the lesions are round or oval, brown inside, reddish-brown or dark brown on the edges, and about 2-4 mm in diameter. On a blade, the number of lesions is sometimes as many as several tens, and they are connected to each other in an irregular manner. Large lesions cause the leaves to die. Diseased varieties in the high temperature and high humidity environment, the leaf lesions quickly expanded and connected to iron gray spots, dense gray moldy leaves (disease conidia and conidiophores), and finally the entire leaf gray and black withered . Stems and stems are russet, with epidermal longitudinal cracks. The corolla is brownish and rotted, usually withering from the bottom up. After the rain, it often produces gray mold on the surface of the diseased part. Juveniles suffer from auburn spots. Black oval or kidney-shaped sclerotia often occur in stems and stems at the late stage of disease.

The main pathogenic bacteria are the sclerotia that remain in the soil with the diseased bodies. The sclerotia germinate when the temperature and humidity are appropriate, and the conidia are produced and transmitted by airflow. In the optimum temperature (20-25°C) range, when the relative humidity is above 85%-90%, the optimal pathogen grows and infects and the disease becomes severe.

Prevention and control should select varieties of disease-resistant varieties, such as Huangyan small grain species, Jiande small green beans, Pinghu Acacia species and Changde broad beans. Serious bogey should not be contaminated. Spray fungicide: 78% Cobo WP 600 times, 80% Penc WP 600-800 times, 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 500-800 times, 80% WP 500 times liquid.

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