Continuous low-temperature flowers easy antifreeze measures

In order to cope with the continuous cold weather in the locality, we ensured that greenhouse flowers and potted flowers were protected against freezing. The following simple antifreeze measures can be taken:

1. Cover non-woven fabric on the idle surface and the operation channel around the booth. Because the non-woven fabric has the functions of air permeability, water permeability, light transmission, moisture absorption and heat preservation, the air temperature can be increased by 2-3°C and the ground temperature is 1-2°C.

2. Put a pot of fire on both sides of the shed and place a pot of water on the fire. Use the generated steam to heat up and quickly increase the room temperature.

3, potted flowers can be buried outdoors in the ground, the depth of the basin along with the ground level or slightly higher than the ground, pots and then put some rotten grass, leaves, etc., to prevent surface freezing, damage the root system.

4. The flowers raised on the balcony of the building can be placed in the bamboo basket. Put some leaves, waste paper, and other soft materials on and around the flowerpot to prevent freezing.

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