SXT-B automatic round bottle labeling machine

SXT-B automatic round bottle labeling machine

l        The main technical parameters:

1. Host control: single chip control      

2. Production capacity: 60-180 bottles / min

3. Electricity   Source: 220V50Hz          

4. Electricity   Pressure: 1.5KW

5. Paper roll inner diameter: Φ 76 mm  

6. Paper roll: Φ 300 mm (zui big)

7. Heavy   Quantity : 220Kg

8. Dimensions : 1500X800X 1400mm

l        All key parts of the whole machine are imported products. All parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which meets the requirements of the manufacturer and has a novel appearance.                                                 

l        Production Process

SXT-B automatic large round bottle labeling machine can be equipped on the production line or can be produced stand-alone. Easy to operate, just turn on the power, click once, start button, the whole equipment will enter the production state , the products to be labeled will pass, send bottles, separate bottles, induction start signal, bidding, labeling, to complete The entire production process, accurate and fast, is the characteristics of this product.

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