How to make egg ducks produce eggs as usual in winter

Under normal feeding conditions, laying ducks stop laying eggs as soon as they enter the winter. How to make egg ducks produce eggs as usual in winter? This is a common concern for duck farmers.

Now we introduce a breeding method that allows laying ducks to lay eggs in winter as a reference.

First, maintain a good environmental conditions in winter to do a good job of cold and warm work, duck house to keep quiet, prohibit strangers to enter, but also to prevent pigs, dogs, cats startle and intrusion.

Second, the feed must be reasonable and diverse Feed preparation of ducks and ducks to achieve a comprehensive nutrition, feed more concentrate feed, feed a moderate amount of dry feed. It is advisable to feed some minerals with more calcium, eggshell, gypsum and other minerals. Some grains of sand should be mixed in the feed to help the ducks digest.

Third, the practice of winter cold in captivity in winter, the physical consumption of ducks and ducks. Therefore, the ducklings are best kept in captivity in winter and the temperature must be kept at 10°C.

Fourth, supplemental lighting winter nights long, ducks lack of light. Therefore, a 25-watt red light should be installed in every 10 square meters of the duck house, and the ducks should be provided with light regularly. The daily light time must not be less than 16 hours.

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