How to choose the right soil sampler

The soil sampling equipment is widely used by agro-forestry, geological survey, environmental protection and scientific research units.
With few types and single functions, many users still use the ancient Luoyang shovel. We are the internationally renowned Dutch Eijkelkamp
The company's product agents, through years of sales, we have accumulated rich experience in the needs of Chinese users. Hope to pass the following
The introduction of the question and answer form can help you choose the suitable soil sampler for zui...
1. What is the purpose of the sampler you need to purchase?
A: This is the first question we have to ask, because the sampler is different, the sampler is very different. Some users only need
Rapid drilling, such as oil exploration and drilling. If you need to take the original soil sample, it is a completely different device.
2. What depth and diameter do you need to drill?
A: This is also a very important issue. The deeper the depth, the larger the diameter, the more time and energy it takes, and vice versa.
The less. We can provide sampling depths from the surface up to 70 meters and diameters from 1 to 20 cm. Usually deep and large diameter
At the time, the manpower is very difficult to complete.
3. Do you need manual or mechanical power sampling equipment?
A: As mentioned in Question 3, when the depth exceeds 5 meters and the diameter exceeds 6 cm, the strength of the human body is difficult to complete the sampling task.
It is. At this point you need the power of the machine, we have the choice of impact drill and sonic drill.
4. How do you sample the soil?
A: This is critical for what type of sampler you need. If it is general farmland soil, most of the drills can make
Use; if it is a very hard soil, you need a handle and a drill that can be hit, it is difficult to go deep by human rotation; if it is sand
For soil, tidal flats, etc., we must consider the loose flowability of soil samples, how to prevent the collapse of the borehole and take out the sample.
problem. Please discuss it with our experienced sales staff.

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