There is a lot of sowing

1. Soil preparation before planting: Soil preparation must be fine to thoroughly remove weeds. In spring sowing, it is necessary to plough the stubble after the last year's harvest, weed it, keep it, and then deepen it to destroy the weeds; in the spring, the cropland will be smashed and pressed to make it flat.

2. Sowing time: The seed germination needs two conditions: First, the ground temperature is above 5 ~ 6 °C, and the most suitable for germination within 25 °C; Second, more water is needed. (1) Top Lingchun sowing: The spring must be planted before Ching Ming (from the end of March to the beginning of April). At this time, the soil is just thawed and the soil has high humidity, which is easy to obtain the whole seedlings. Late in the spring when there is a gale, it is difficult to emerge. (2) Summer sowing: The temperature is high, rainfall is high, seedlings grow fast, but weeds are also numerous, and pests and diseases occur frequently, usually from June to July. (3) Autumn sowing: After the rainy season, the sensation is good, the temperature is appropriate, the growth of weeds is slowed, and the sowing success rate is the highest, generally from the end of August to the beginning of September. Regardless of the sowing method, it should be combined with rain or irrigation, it can be rain before rain, and it is best after the rain; after sowing, it should be suppressed to facilitate seed germination.

3. Seeding method: (1) Drilling, sowing: Dendrobium is generally used for drilling, spacing 30 to 40 cm, ventilation during the growth and light, easy to cultivator, fertilization, irrigation; generally in the grass replanting and improving the pasture with sowing. (2) Unicast, mixed broadcast: When commodity grass is sold and used for seed production, unicast is used; when pasture is used for self-use or grazing, mixed broadcast is used. More mixed with grass forage, can be a kind of can also be a variety, depending on the needs of the general use of chicken feet grass, Bromus, Leymus chinensis and so on.

4. Seeding capacity: 0.75 to 1 kg per mu for unicast, saline land can be increased appropriately. In dry areas, water shortages cannot be overtight, while dense plants cause poor seedlings, which in turn reduces yields. About 0.75 kg per acre when dry, 1.0-1.25 kg when wet. Mixing depends on the variety.

5. Seeding depth: generally 2 to 3 cm, sandy soil 3 to 4 cm, clay 2 cm.

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