Wheat jointing needs management due to seedlings

Jointing fertilizer water can promote the 5th section (between the internodes of the ear) to extend. The internodes under the panicle are long and thick, and the head of the panicle is generally larger. The jointing fertilizer slightly increases the flag leaf, and can extend the functional period of the flag leaf and other leaves. It is beneficial to the differentiation and development of the floret, grain formation and grain filling, and significantly reduces the number of infertility spikelets and infertility floret. The spike rate and the number of grains per spike are the key dressing periods. The strong seedlings, high-yielding seedlings of high-yield wheat fields, and strong seedlings planted in common cultivation methods, and late-buckwheat cultivars planted by a single-stem cultivation method must be replanted with jointing fertilizer and water-saving during early control or promotion. The normal fade process of leaf color appears in the wheat field with defertilization tendency. It is necessary to reapply the jointing fertilizer and pour water in the early stage. It is generally close to the fixed length in the first section, and it is carried out when the second section is elongated; The wheat stalks with large blade and sagging lean, late watering, and less fertilization can be postponed to the fixed length between the first and the second, the significant elongation between the second and the third, and the wheat seedlings overwhelming. , Water can only be applied without fertilization, and at the latest, it can be postponed to significant elongation in the 3rd season, and the flag leaf is watered when it is basically deployed.

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