Essentials for seedless watermelon

Seedless watermelon is a triploid watermelon cultivated after chromosome doubling. It has changed in many aspects compared with diploid ordinary watermelon. Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding measures in cultivation and grasp the following cultivation points in order to achieve high yield. Efficient.

1. Before the seeds are sown, the shells are broken. The seedless watermelon seeds are not full, the seed coat is thick, and sprouting is difficult. It is necessary to carry out “broken shells” to successfully germinate. After the seeds are sterilized, soak for 8-10 hours, remove and drain the water, wipe the surface of the seeds with a dry cloth, and then gently tap the umbilicus with an appliance to make it slightly open to facilitate the seed respiration and radicle. Grow. When pods are used, they must be light, and the seed coat must be small, so don't injure the kernels.

2. The temperature of germination and nursery is higher. Seedless watermelon germination requires higher temperatures than the average diploid common watermelon 3-5 °C, which is appropriate to 32-35 °C. The nursery temperature is also higher than ordinary watermelon 3-4 °C, therefore, in addition to the use of nursery seedlings, but also should strengthen seedbed insulation work, such as the erection of wind barriers, thick straw or wheat straw and so on. In addition, when managing seedbeds, reduce the amount of ventilation appropriately to prevent the temperature inside the bed from falling too fast.

3, sowing date properly. Seedless watermelon seedling growth is slow, growth is weak, should be sowed earlier than normal watermelon, early nursery seedlings 3-5 days. As seedless watermelons are more heat-resistant than ordinary watermelons, seedlings are often used in nurseries, such as electric hotbeds, hot pots, and heated greenhouses.

4, by flower pollination induced fruit. Because the pollen of the seedless watermelon is not fertile, it cannot pollinate. Planted alone cannot stand fruit, so it must be interplanted with normal watermelon. The production is generally 3 rows or 4 rows of seedless watermelon interspecies 1 row of ordinary watermelon, with the help of its pollen to enlarge the ovary of the seedless watermelon. The skins of the selected ordinary watermelon varieties should have distinct characteristics from those of the seedless watermelon varieties in order to distinguish them from the seedless watermelons during harvesting.

5, fertilizer and water Qi attack expansion. Seedless watermelon stretched, the root system is developed, the stems and leaves grow vigorously, so the amount of fertilizer required is more than that of diploid ordinary watermelon. General Mushi soil miscellaneous fertilizer 4000-5000 kg, cake fat 60-80 kg, calcium superphosphate 40-50 kg, 50 kg of ammonium sulfate or 30 kg of urea, 25 kg of potassium sulfate. Soil manure and phosphate fertilizer for the base fertilizer ditch application or acupuncture, other fertilizers to do top dressing 3-4 times.

Seedless watermelon grows slowly at seedling stage, and grows faster after reaching vines. It is even more prosperous at flowering and fruit setting. If fertilizer and water supply is improper, it is easy to cause runners to run and it is difficult to establish fruit. Therefore, fertilizer and water should be properly controlled before the flowering of the female flower from the seedling "flipping tap" to the target node. It is advisable to water with a small amount of water. After 5-7 days of fruit setting, when the egg size of young fruit is increased, the supply of fertilizer and water is increased, and the fertilizer and water attack together to promote the rapid expansion of the fruit.

6, high-section to stay good fruit. Seedless watermelon has a low fruit setting and is not only small in fruit, but also in fruit shape, thick in peel, and easy to hollow and crack. Fruits that are suitable for fruit setting are larger in size, attractive in shape, with a thinner skin and less pods, and are not easily hollow or cracked. In the production, generally choose to leave the main vine on the third female flower (around the 20th) to stay in the melon.

7, appropriate early quality assurance. Seedless watermelons are harvested for a shorter period of time than normal watermelons and generally harvested earlier than normal watermelons. If the harvesting is too late, the fruit is likely to be hollow or fall, the flesh is easy to grow and become soft, the juice is reduced, the flavor is reduced, and the quality is obviously reduced. It is generally more suitable for 90% to 95% ripening.

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