Can chlorpyrifos be cured?

Q: User jinxu: Because we are worried that our crickets are already resistant to phoxim, we would like to use chlorpyrifos microcapsules on peanuts to irrigate roots. Excuse me, how do you use chlorpyrifos microcapsules? How much is the amount of acres? Is there any other way to cure it?

Answer: The chlorpyrifos microcapsule suspension has a sustained release effect, and the dispersibility of the drug in water when dispensing is also relatively good, with relatively better and longer effect of controlling insects. Xinyi City Keda Pesticide Factory registered 30% of chlorpyrifos microcapsule suspension used for peanut control. The recommended dosage is 1575-2250 g per hectare of pure drug (equivalent to 350-500 ml per mu, similar to common chlorpyrifos granules) ), spraying seeds on peanuts. Chlorpyrifos has a good stability in the soil and a longer period of validity. In order to save the cost of prevention and control, if the occurrence of pests is not serious, ordinary chlorpyrifos preparations can be used. When spraying, pay attention to the application of pesticides at the seeding hole. Appropriate covering of soil after application will help reduce the degradation of chlorpyrifos and improve the control effect.

The use of chlorpyrifos and avermectins in tank mixes, or the use of a combination of both, is beneficial for delaying the resistance of pests and improving the control effect of resistant pests. In addition, you can also use the new drug chlorantraniliprole and other seed dressings. Chlorella benzamide has a unique insecticidal mechanism and is generally not cross-resistance with commonly used insecticides. Peanut seed dressing can effectively control cockroaches.