The study found that the special physiological characteristics of kidney transplant recipients

Release date: 2010-05-28

Patients who receive kidney transplants often have rejection reactions, but a few people are well-adepted to receive new kidneys, which have natural immune tolerance. A recent study identifies the physiological characteristics characteristic of the latter, which helps to assess the extent of rejection in kidney transplant patients and improve the success rate of transplantation.
Researchers at the University of London's King's College reported in a new issue of the Journal of Clinical Examination that patients who normally receive kidney transplants are required to take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent their immune system from rejecting foreign kidneys, but sometimes It was found that some patients who stopped taking the drug for themselves could receive new kidneys well. In collaboration with European multinational researchers, 11 patients with natural immune tolerance to implanted kidneys were found across Europe.
The researchers analyzed the blood components of this particular population and compared them to those who took immunosuppressive drugs to stabilize the new kidneys, patients who still had chronic rejection after taking the drug, and healthy people. The immune-tolerant blood has a number of characteristics, such as more B lymphocytes and natural killer cells; T lymphocytes are less active, and a lack of a series of related antibodies.
Researchers say most people who receive kidney transplants need to take immunosuppressive drugs for life, and these drugs often have side effects. Determining the physiological characteristics of natural immune tolerance patients will help to analyze patients in future kidney transplant operations, and to eliminate, reduce or adjust the use of immunosuppressive drugs while ensuring safety.
According to reports, the same issue of the Journal of Clinical Examination also published a study by American researchers on natural immune tolerance found in the United States, and the conclusions are similar. Meditech Medical Network

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