Prevention and treatment of grass carp enteritis

1. The pathogen is initially identified as Aeromonas punctiformis. The suitable growth temperature is 25 degrees, and death above 60 degrees, within the pH range of 6-12, can grow. 2. Disease and diagnosis of diseased fish with enlarged erythema on the abdomen, swelling of the external anus, gently pressing the abdomen by hand, there is a pus-like blood-like material, overflow from the anus. Cut open the abdomen, abdomen filled with fluid, visible intestine Wall microvascular congestion, or rupture, so that the intestinal wall was red-brown. There is no food in the intestinal tract and it contains many yellow mucus. 3. Prevalence and Hazards This disease is one of the most serious diseases in farmed fish in China. It occurs in all aquaculture areas in China. The epidemic season is from April to September, and its epidemic season and degree vary with climate change. The onset of grass and bluefish of the first instar and the second age is from April to September, and the incidence of grass and bluefish is from July to September. Grass and bluefish are the most susceptible to the disease. Occasionally, ticks and ticks are also affected. In particular, grass carp and 1 year old herring are most susceptible to infection. The average mortality rate is 50%, and the mortality rate in serious sick pools can reach 90%. 4. Prevention and treatment prevention: (1) Disinfect the clear pond thoroughly to keep the water clean. (2) Feeding fresh feed without feeding modified feed is the key to prevent this disease. (3) When stocking fish, use 8ml-10ml of bleaching powder and dip for half an hour. (4) In the onset season, use bleach or quicklime to disinfect around the food field every half month. (5) During the onset season, every half month, fish fed with A or B type I should be fed into the feed and used for 2 days to 3 days. The dosage is half of the treatment. Treatment: (1) Fish Serve A or BI. Oral, 200 g A for every 100 kg of body weight, or 100 g for BI. (2) Sulfamethoxazole or sulfadiazine. Oral administration, 10 grams per 100 kilograms of fish body weight on the first day, 5 grams per day on the 2nd to 6th days. (3) Gram-sensitive, type A. Oral, 100 kg fish body weight per 100 g. Mixed feeding, once a day, once every 4 days for a course of treatment.

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