High-yield Cultivation Technique Covered with Strawberry Plastic Film

Strawberry is a perennial berry with high economic value. It contains 6-11 grams of sugar per 100 grams of fruit, 0.4-0.6 grams of protein, and 1.4 grams of crude fiber. It also contains a variety of vitamins and various nutrients that the body needs. The fruit is bright red and beautiful, delicate flesh, juicy, sweet and sour, fruity and fragrant.
1. Selection of improved varieties and gardens At present, there are many varieties of strawberry cultivated in China, and Fengxiang, the popular variety in Guangxi, has a strong growth potential, strong resistance to stress, rich juice, good quality, early maturing, and high yield.
Strawberries are not tolerant of storage and transportation. Therefore, planting sites should be selected to be close to the point of sale, with good lighting conditions, convenient irrigation and drainage, loose soil, fertile soil, and good fertility to maintain water and acidity (PH 5-7) or neutral fields. should. Before the land as potatoes or beans, eggplant vegetables is not suitable for strawberry garden.
2, fine soil preparation, the application of basal fertilizer before planting the land to be deep plowing about 30 cm sun, from the ground preparation, removal of weeds, fully crushed soil. The surface width is 40cm, height is 20-25cm, and the width of the sulcus is 30-35cm. The length can be determined according to the topography. Every 667m2 will be rotted with 1500-2000kg farmyard manure, or the same amount of waste manure plus compound fertilizer. 20-30 kilograms, 50 kilograms of superphosphate, 10-15 kilograms of potassium sulfate or potassium chloride, 100 kilograms of fermented peanut bran or bean cake (preferably made with farmyard manure). In the middle of the trench, spread the trench, spread it evenly in the trench, mix it well with the soil, and cover it with topsoil.
3, planting and field management
3,1 Planting and selection of disease-free plants with leaf-green, stout stems, 4-5 leaves, and complete root system. Southern Guangxi is generally planted in the middle to late September to mid-10. Double row arrangement, row spacing 20-25 cm, plant spacing 20 cm, 5000 plants per 667 square meters. The depth of planting is best to plant roots in shallow depths. After planting, the roots should be set aside.
3, 2 About ten days after timely dressing, the strawberry seedlings will grow new leaves. After thin application of livestock manure, 0.5 kg of urea per 667 square meters, 0.5 kg of superphosphate and 100 g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate will be applied to the water. . After every 2-3 days, it will be applied once. Each time, the amount of urea and phosphate fertilizer will increase by 150-200 grams, and it will be applied continuously for 3-4 times. The first topdressing is about 20 days after planting. In the middle of the surface, the distance between the plants is the same as the distance between the plants. Use a wooden stick or a metal club to drill holes. The depth is about 8cm. 7.5kg of compound fertilizer and 3kg of urea per 667m2 are used. , Superphosphate 5 kg mixed evenly into the hole, after the hole sealed with mud. For the second time, after dressing for the second time, after covering the film, 30 kg of compound fertilizer, 5 kg of urea, 30 kg of phosphate fertilizer, and 10 kg of potassium fertilizer were mixed and the depth of the hole was about 10 cm, and the hole was evenly applied. it is good. After seeing the plants grow fertilize, apply appropriate amounts of NPK fertilizers at intervals. The top-dressing fertilizer can be sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate, foliar treasure, love-over, green-wang, auxin and other foliar fertilizers during the bud and early flowering period, and is selected every 7-10 days thereafter. Another spray once to promote plant and fruit growth and development.
3, 3 Covering the film Every 667 square meters with the same width and surface of the black plastic film (10 kilograms), covered 25-30 days after planting, cover, combined with loose soil to remove weeds. Tighten and fix the mulch at both ends of the crucible, then tear the mulch off at the position of the plant, pull the plant out of the membrane, and press firmly on both sides with soil. Before spraying, 5 kg of sulphur powder and 2.5 kg of lime powder are mixed and spread on the surface of the sorghum every 667 square meters, which can effectively control the occurrence of powdery mildew.
3, 4 Water Management Strawberry is happy with water, afraid of earthworms, from flowering to fruition, it must have enough water to ensure its fruit growth and development needs. The mulching-covered garden uses flood irrigation to induce water into the ground. The depth of irrigation is 10-15 cm away from the root of the plant and is maintained for 10-12 hours. The remaining water is then drained and the soil is used every few days to keep the soil. Wet.
3, 5 Care of the plants The inflorescences first extracted from the strawberry are stout and the results are large. The high-level inflorescences that are drawn out at a later stage are slender and have small results. The high-level inflorescences and incomplete flowers with incomplete development should be removed in time. The buds that grow out of the plants generally retain 1-2 of the first ones, and the rest should be promptly removed.
The seedlings of the plants are continuously pumped and removed in time. The old leaves, diseased leaves, and overgrown leaves in the lower part of the plant are removed and destroyed.
3, 6 Pest control In the middle and late period (2-4 months) of strawberry growth, there are more rainy and foggy days, and the air temperature is high, which is prone to various pests and diseases. The common diseases are gray mold, powdery mildew, leaf spot, etc. The insect pests include red spider, aphids, and ulnar insults. Prevention and control of various pests and diseases to prevent the main, early flowering every 667 square meters with 45% ultrafine sulphur rubber suspension 0.3 kg plus 50% triadimefon 150 grams of water spray 50 kg, both disease prevention and insecticide, or with a基托布津800-1000 times, or 代森amenium 800 times, plus the right amount of pesticides, such as water aminophos 2000 times, or 1,000 times the Zhongyu powder, or 1000 times the mitochondrial EC cream, also from To cure insecticidal effect. Spray once every 7 days, spray 2-3 times continuously. If pests and diseases occur during the fruit period, attention should be paid to the drug concentration and the period of safety of the fruit.
4. Harvesting of strawberries from flowering to maturity in Nanning generally takes about 26 days, depending on the variety and weather conditions are different. When the fruit turns red and the colored surface is above 80%, it should be timely harvested. Lightly pick and lightly when fruit is picked. Packaging (available foam boxes or transparent plastic boxes of different specifications, large packaging should not exceed 10 kg of fruit) listed.

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